Bra Breakdown and Review: Curvy Kate Ellace, 28F & 30E

Hello readers!!  Tonight I’m breaking down my favorite unlined bra to date: Curvy Kate Ellace.  When I first set out on my ABTF journey, Curvy Kate was a relatively new brand known for an enormous size range but very poor scaling throughout that size range.  CK’s bras had wide wires, were shallow, and usually demanded a lot of upper fullness or tall roots.  As a result, the narrow and projected majority of us got the dreaded “Curvy Kate Upside Down 7s” shape.  A couple of seasons ago, Curvy Kate must have listened to customer feedback because they drastically improved the fit of

Bra Review: Comexim Ginger 3HC, 60HH

Good afternoon lovelies!  Today I’m taking a brief look at another 3 part half cup by Comexim – the Ginger.  Ginger is typically offered as a deep plunge cut which is much too wide and shallow for my shape, so I asked Anna if Comexim could make it as a 3HC.  Since they are so accommodating to customer requests and willing to try about anything, they did and I’m very pleased with the results. Despite sizing down to a 60H in the plunge cut, I am still wearing a 60HH in Comexim’s padded half cups.  Ginger is a bit big

Bra Review: Comexim Ingrid Plunge, 60H – an autumn classic

Hello readers, if any of you are left!!  Oh my gosh it’s been 2 months since I posted a review, and that’s way too long!  I do apologize – my studies, Etsy shop, and health have taken over my life!  The good news is I’m almost done with this semester and that means I only have one left, and the Etsy shop is doing wonderfully!  Thank you all SO MUCH for your support and business!  The bad news is nobody knows yet what’s wrong with my GI tract, but we’ve ruled out cancer, blockages, strictures, Celiac’s, and IBD so all

Bra Review: Cleo Piper longline, 30F

Cleo Piper is one of those bras that absolutely stole my heart from the second it was previewed in the AW16 collection.  Cobalt blue?  An unlined longline?  A 4 part cup design?  YES to all, please!!  I told myself as soon as I could find one for sale I was snapping it up and cost wasn’t a problem. So when I got lucky and saw a tweet from Poinsettia Lingerie about how they had a limited stock of Pipers up for grabs, I had my credit card whipped out and the transaction completed in no more than 60 seconds.  I

My bralette shop is officially open!

Hi all – after two weeks of smooth operations I just wanted to write a quick update to let you know my Etsy shop is officially up and running!  I’m now making bra-sized bralettes!  My current official size range is 28C-H, 30B-GG, 32B-G, 34B-FF, 36B-F, 38B-E, and 40B-DD.  I have successfully made a handful of 26 bands and one 24 band so if you’re sub-28 just drop me a line and I’ll try to work with you!  You can find me at Etsy – Dreams and Underthings or just follow the link from the top of my blog’s homepage. Wow!

Bra Review: Curvy Kate Madagascar, 28FF

Happy Sunday!  Today I’m reviewing Curvy Kate Madagascar in “Pixie” – a greenish teal with a subtle zebra print.  Animal print is one of those Great Divides in the fashion industry.  It seems you either love it or hate it.  I’m not a huge fan actually, but it seems understated on this bra.  I love the colors enough to overlook it. Fit wise, this is one of my better fitting UK bras.  The cup shape is perfect for my short roots.  Madagascar is supposedly based on the Bardot, but I find it more open on top.  I’ve sized down since buying

Bra Review: Anna Pardal for Comexim Lady Grey 3HC; 60HH

Good evening readers!  I’ve been on a magical vacation to the Rocky Mountains this past week, but now I am back with a new review for you!  Anna Pardal was a luxury line designed for and manufactured by Comexim, and sadly she closed her doors last year.  I initially wasn’t a fan of the Lady Grey design, but over time it grew on me.  I asked Comexim a while back if they still had any fabric left and if there’s any way I could snag a half cup.  I was in luck.  Since I ordered this directly from Comexim it was

Bra Review: Cleo Marcie 30F in beautiful burgundy

Good morning!  Today will be a rather brief write up, as there’s not much difference between this bra and my previously reviewed yellow Marcie.  They are sister sizes, so very much the same dimensions overall.  The burgundy is a stunning color though, so let’s take a closer look at the aesthetics.  You can find Marcie here, here, here, and here.  She retails brand new at most places for around $55 USD. I picked up the burgundy color in a steal on eBay, and went with the 30 band because the yellow 28 band fits like a 26.  I can do

Bra Review: Ewa Michalak BM Mojito, 65F – my summer heartache.

Good afternoon loyal readers!  Today I’m reviewing one of Ewa Michalak’s newest bras, the Mojito.  The BM cut is an unpadded balconette with a stretch lace upper section, and is well known and loved among many larger busted ladies I’ve met in the industry.  I adore Mojito’s shades-of-teal summer vibe and was instantly enamored with the colorway when Ewa released it in both the BM and S (padded balconette) styles.  BM is different than the other unpadded balconette style, the SM, in that it has slightly deeper cups and the stretch lace section.  I have experience with both the SM