Bra Review: Comexim Ginger 3HC, 60HH

Good afternoon lovelies!  Today I’m taking a brief look at another 3 part half cup by Comexim – the Ginger.  Ginger is typically offered as a deep plunge cut which is much too wide and shallow for my shape, so I asked Anna if Comexim could make it as a 3HC.  Since they are so accommodating to customer requests and willing to try about anything, they did and I’m very pleased with the results. Despite sizing down to a 60H in the plunge cut, I am still wearing a 60HH in Comexim’s padded half cups.  Ginger is a bit big

Bra Review: Anna Pardal for Comexim Lady Grey 3HC; 60HH

Good evening readers!  I’ve been on a magical vacation to the Rocky Mountains this past week, but now I am back with a new review for you!  Anna Pardal was a luxury line designed for and manufactured by Comexim, and sadly she closed her doors last year.  I initially wasn’t a fan of the Lady Grey design, but over time it grew on me.  I asked Comexim a while back if they still had any fabric left and if there’s any way I could snag a half cup.  I was in luck.  Since I ordered this directly from Comexim it was

Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Słowianki, 65FF

Good evening lovelies!  Today I’m reviewing my favorite floral bra ever, the CHP Słowianki.  I’m more of a 28FF/30F these days, and this is a 65FF but fits very similarly to my Gazeta.  So, I’d say it runs slightly small in the cups, and Gazeta runs slightly big in the cups.  It runs very tight in the band, stretching only to 28″ making it just right for my 27″ underbust. Typically I’m not a floral fan, with the exception of my watercolor-like Colette and this lovely Słowianki.  I think what makes this bra so interesting to me is the stark white floral

Bikini Review: Comexim Garden of Eden 60J + M bottoms

Morning lovely readers!  Today I’m reviewing another bikini set, the Garden of Eden from Comexim.  I originally ordered their  Pomarańcza (which translates to Orange) set, since I love all things orange and bright orange looks killer with my summer tan.  Sadly, they ran out of fabric and sweet Anna sent me this as a replacement.  It fits very similarly to my Pin Up Girl set, so I can’t say I have new and exciting things to report in the way of fit, but let’s get on with the pictures and review anyways! So Garden of Eden looks very much like

Bra Review: Comexim Poison Ivy 3HC, 60HH

For those keeping track, this is the second Poison Ivy bra I own.  What can I say, I’m in love with the aesthetics.  Due to recent weight loss, the Poison Ivy Plunge is quite a bit too tall in the cups now, so I decided to re-order it in the 3HC pattern.  I don’t have a lot new to say about the fit, as it’s pretty identical to all the other Comexim 3HCs I own.  But it’s truly stunning to look at 🙂 The biggest difference visually between this half cup and the plunge is that the forest green lace

Bra Review: Comexim Annika 3HC, 60HH

Look at me go – 2 reviews in one week 🙂 Comexim Annika is a stunning brown and copper bra you can find right here on Zathiya.  It feels very much like the perfect autumn bra – I can see myself lounging around in Annika and a soft sweater with a mug of hot chocolate.  I’ve had my eyes on Annika ever since it was released as a plunge cut a few months ago, so when Aisha at Zathiya asked if I’d like to review the half cup version of it, I was over the moon excited. I’m totally smitten with the

Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Gazeta, 65F

For most of you reading this, the Gazeta needs no introduction.  Gazeta translates to “newspaper” and was a wildly popular bra by Ewa Michalak back when it was first released.  Despite several reviews stating the band runs tight and the bra overall was terribly uncomfortable, it remained popular due to its uniqueness.  Gazeta is a padded half cup made from a newspaper print fabric, with black piping, ruffles and little red hearts as accents.  I missed out on the original run of Gazeta, and it’s been discontinued for quite some time due to the apparent loss of the fabric source.  I

Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CH Cherry

CH Cherry is a brand new bra for Ewa Michalak and the first CH cut she has released in a long time.  This cut is slightly narrower and more projected than the CHP and while both work on me, I prefer the CH.  It’s a cut that’s in hot demand and for whatever reason, Ewa rarely/if ever makes them anymore.  Even by special request, she’s more apt to custom make a bra as a CHP than a CH.  While the differences are subtle in my size range, they’re enough to make me wish the CH style was in regular production. I’ve

Bra Review: Comexim Elena half cup, 60HH

Well it’s about time I wrote another review!  Usually I am not absent for a month, but the holidays caught up with me.  Apologies to my lovely readers.  As for the bra: is there anything Comexim can’t do??  I think not.  Today’s gem is the Elena Half Cup, with a specific modification.  Typically Elena is made as a single seamed half cup pattern, which is clearly seen in the stock photos.  This cut doesn’t work well for my shape, so I asked the dear Anna if she could possibly make one in the 2 seam cut, so that the dimensions

Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Groszki I Róże, 65F

Today’s review is another EM half cup.  The vertical seam pattern looks just like Comexim’s half cups and these narrow, projected 3 part half cups continue to work well for my shape.  I was super excited for the chance to get my hands on this set, as it’s gorgeous and been discontinued for quite some time.  This is the most unique bra I own to date.  I love the mint color and black and pink lace/flower accent, and I love that I was able to get the matching undies in my size.  Finally I have a matching set!  I’m not