Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CH Onyks, 65F

Today I’m reviewing the 4th and final Ewa Michalak CH/CHP I’ve been able to try on so far. 聽That is, until my CHP聽Groszki I R贸偶e gets here next week 馃槈 On display today is a 65F CH Onyks. 聽It’s a solid black bra with completely convertible straps, allowing it to be worn cross back and strapless. 聽I was excited to get my hands on this one because despite my massive bra collection, I do not own a single solid black bra! 聽Let’s take a look at her, shall we? From the front – not too bad! 聽I like the button

Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Lawenda, 65F

Oh, my, goodness. 聽This bra is b-e-a-utiful and I’m so happy I stumbled across it secondhand, in pristine condition. 聽I’m in love with it for many reasons,聽but I just have to point out that it’s purple!! 聽If you’ve read my blog at all, you’ll know I’m a big sucker for purple. 聽This is the 3rd purple bra I’ve reviewed. 聽I no longer own the other two because I’ve gotten exceedingly picky about fit, so of course I had to聽remedy that. 聽Along came the Lawenda. 聽Enough chatter, let’s get to her. Just, wow! 聽First of all, I’m going to point out

Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Stal贸wka, 65F

So today’s review is another EM, and a lovely gray half cup at that. 聽This was graciously loaned to me by a friend, and I didn’t have time to take my usual studio pictures for this review before I needed to send it back. 聽So, you’ll have to pardon my kitchen in the background. 聽But I wanted to compare and contrast this bra to my previous CH Biszkopty review, as it is a slightly different cut and one cup size smaller. Well now, isn’t she lovely! 聽I’ve always wanted a gray bra. 聽The vertical seamed construction is identical, but the

Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CH Biszkopty, 55GG (altered)

Today I’m changing brands! 聽I’ve discovered a new half cup style, and I really like it. 聽Ewa Michalak (EH-vah mee-HAHL-ack, in case you were wondering how to say it) is the other major player in the Polish bra scene. 聽I聽had never tried any EM bras due to the fact that in my size range, their cups聽tend to measure聽wider than I need. 聽But I got my hands on a couple of CH cut bras, and am pleasantly surprised. 聽The CH cut is Ewa’s narrowest, most projected padded half cup style. 聽It is discontinued so the bras I manage to acquire and

Bra Review: Curvy Kate Jewel 28FF

Switching gears today to my latest unlined acquisition.  I’m a sucker for purple and have long thought this bra was very beautiful, but Curvy Kate and I don’t always get along, shapewise.  Their bras in the past have been quite wide and shallow.  But Jewel is a somewhat newer style for them, and after reading enough reviews and checking measurements on Bratabase I decided she might be worth a shot and Amazon had the last one in a size that may work for me.  So, what’s a girl to do? Try it, of course!!  Ok, so I have my Bardot in

Bra Review: Comexim Brigitte 60HH, and a word about body acceptance

Friendly reminder before I get too far into this review – you can always click on the pictures in my post to make them larger and see more detail 馃檪 Comexim Brigitte is a gorgeous pale pink and black bra that has been around for a little while now, and I’ve loved her since I first laid eyes on her many months ago.  I needed her in my life.  This is my kind of girly bra.  I’m not a sucker for pink, but this is pink done right.  This is subtle pink, and the intricate black damask pattern adds a hint

Bra Review: Comexim Sonia half cup, 60J

Some of my fellow bra-fanatics may be aware that my beloved Comexim has come out with 4 new styles for this fall season! 聽Exciting times ahead! 聽I instantly fell in love with the navy eyelash lace pattern and the peach-and-gray lace pattern. 聽Recently, I got my hands on the peach and gray, named Sonia, and it is just as beautiful in person as I expected! Just look at her <3 First of all, the color is聽fantastic on my naturally warm-toned skin. 聽The peach is much more subtle than I expected, and incredibly, this bra works as a nude on me.

Bra Review: Cleo Lily 28FF, Parrot print

Today we’re going to take a brief look at one of my favorite bras to date, the parrot-printed colorway of Cleo’s Lily.  Much of what I previously wrote in my Aqua Lily 30FF review can be repeated here, so I won’t bore you with the same information.  But there’s a very important note I want to make here:  Lily was manufactured in 4 colorways – Aqua/Pink, Magenta/Orange, Parrot Print, and Swan Print.  The printed styles of Lily run bigger than the solid styles, by almost an entire cup volume.  I would say, from experience, Parrot and Swan run 3/4 cup bigger than

Bra Review: Freya Phoebe, 28FF

Look at me go, 2 reviews in one day.  And it’s another Freya for you!  Now we’re looking at the Freya Phoebe.  I’m assuming it is an older style for Freya and I could find very little information on it.  But I was on the hunt for a nude unlined bra, it was on eBay, so I took a shot.  You can still find a few Phoebes left for yourself! Not too bad!!  The color nude is a pretty close match to my skin, which I appreciate because most nude bras are too pale and pink-toned for me.  I went

Bra Review: Freya Arabella, 28FF

So I’ve been a little obsessed with the aesthetics of this bra ever since I discovered its existence. 聽Most Freyas I have tried have given me a pointy shape and the “Freya pucker” at the top of the cup, where the bra seems to ask for some tissue I just don’t have. 聽But when I came across this beauty on Reddit’s Bra Swap sub, for a very reasonable price, I couldn’t help myself. 聽It is pre-owned and shows some signs of wear, but still in good shape overall. 聽Enough rambling, let’s take a look at her. Just…. wow. 聽This is