About Dreams and Underthings

Hello!  I am a lingerie blogger, fit expert, and bralette maker with an Etsy store coming soon!  I am also a photographer and shoot all of my own pictures in my studio.  For a long time I knew my 32DD bras didn’t fit properly, but didn’t know other size options existed.  Finally, I stumbled upon the wonderful resource Bratabase, and later I joined the sub-Reddit r/abrathatfits.  Now I have my size and shape figured out, and well fitting bras have changed my life.

My boobspecs:

Snug underbust: 27″
Tight underbust: 25.5″
Standing overbust: 33
Leaning overbust: 36.5
Lying overbust: 34″

UK size 28FF/30F
EU size 60HH(I)/65H
French size: 60H/65G
Ewa Michalak size: 60FF/G; 65F/FF

Low set; even-to-FOB; narrow and short rooted; very immediately projected, very slight forward projection.

You can contact me anytime at dreamsandunderthings@gmail.com!

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