Bra Review: Ewa Michalak M Chaberek, 60FF

Good evening – I hope everyone had a blessed holiday season!  Tonight I am excited to review a new style to me, Ewa Michalak’s “M” cut.  M is a plunge bra designed for small-to-average busts, with a very low gore, average width wires and tall-ish cups at the strap connection.  It is offered up to 65F and equivalent sister volumes.  Like other Ewa padded styles, it comes with cookie pockets and cookies to correct asymmetry or give an extra boost to your girls.

I was intrigued by the idea of a true plunge that could work for projected breasts, and the bright blue of Chaberek caught my eye.  60FF happened to be in stock on Ewa’s site so I jumped on it.  Aesthetically, I quite like this bra.  The color is stunning and the soft beige accents are classy and don’t compete with the rich blue.  The gore is very low, measuring 1.75″ in this size, and it’s nice to give my sternum a break 🙂 I’ve been a bit obsessed with plunge styles lately, having worn balconettes for the entirety of my well-fitted bra life, but have been wary of their ability to contain my soft tissue.  Chaberek does it fairly well, although I’ll note that if you’re particularly center full, you may not find the same success as I still think Ewa’s CHP cut allows for the most center projection of all her available padded styles.

I took all of the following pictures without the removable pads, as I’ll be honest – that’s how I’m going to wear it and all padded Ewa bras, despite my asymmetry.  I don’t crave cleavage and even if a bra gives it to me, I’m so low set on my chest the cleavage never shows in any outfit I own.  My asymmetry is more noticeable now than ever but it’s not obvious under a shirt, and I just don’t like the way the pads feel.  In the worst case, they take away much needed depth at the wire.  In the best case, the bra still fits but it feels like Boob Armor – super stiff and thick, and that’s not what I’m going for and not a feel I’m a fan of.

So my shoulders are thrown back a little bit here, creating the illusion of the left cup being completely filled out, but it is actually a little empty and I’ll get to that in a minute.  Regardless, you can see this cup has fantastic depth at the underwire – definitely the best I’ve found in a true plunge yet.  The wires measure 5.1″ wide, slightly larger than my root but still acceptable.  The band is incredibly tight.  This 60/28 band stretches to 25.25, which is very undersized.  Ewa warns the M band runs snug, but this is beyond snug in my opinion.  25.25″ is “snug” for a 55/26 band – it’s unacceptable for a 28 band.  I suppose if the M cut truly runs this small in the band consistently, then I would consider ordering a 65/30 band in the future, but I really need a band that stretches to no more than 27.5″ so I’d be wary of getting a more TTS 30 band.  I can close this band, but it’s not comfortable for any duration of time so I’m also using 2 columns of an extender in all of these pictures.

And… here’s the aforementioned empty space.  There’s quite a bit of it on my smaller side.  The gapping is mostly by the strap attachment on my larger side.  The right cup is still too large with the cookie pad in, the left side more or less fits with the pad in.  This begs the question – could I go down a size?  I suppose it’s possible, but I’m also on a tight budget at the moment so it might be a while before I can find out 😛 

It’s clear the cup is just too big on my right side.  I’m not getting a lot of lift out of it.  I also wonder how a smaller size would fit in the center.  I’m not in any danger of falling out of the center of this bra, but I question if a 60F/65E would be significantly shallower at the center.  I’ll eventually end up trying it, for bra science of course, and because I really really think this bra has a lot of potential.  The low gore is a huge selling point for me – I am liking the plunge neckline from the front and how this bra makes me feel contained yet less fully covered at the same time.

Has anyone out there also tried the M cut and what were your experiences?  Thanks for checking in!!

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