Bra Breakdown and Review: Curvy Kate Ellace, 28F & 30E

Hello readers!!  Tonight I’m breaking down my favorite unlined bra to date: Curvy Kate Ellace.  When I first set out on my ABTF journey, Curvy Kate was a relatively new brand known for an enormous size range but very poor scaling throughout that size range.  CK’s bras had wide wires, were shallow, and usually demanded a lot of upper fullness or tall roots.  As a result, the narrow and projected majority of us got the dreaded “Curvy Kate Upside Down 7s” shape.  A couple of seasons ago, Curvy Kate must have listened to customer feedback because they drastically improved the fit of their bras, and most of us couldn’t be happier, myself included!

The new-and-improved Curvy Kate fit has narrower wires, much more immediate depth, and projected and shorter cups.  This fits the average-sized and shaped bust much better.  Small size, shallow busts may find the redesigned fit too projected and the FOT and tall rooted among us may find the cups too short.  When it comes to myself, I must be Goldilocks for Curvy Kate.  The new shape is a spot on match for my own shape – narrow and short rooted, needing immediate depth at the wire.

I have tried several bras in the updated CK fit in a variety of sizes as my own size has fluctuated, including Bardot in 30FF, Jewel in 28FF, Madagascar in 28FF, Florence in 30F (not reviewed, too big all over), and now Ellace in 28F.  I find Bardot the most closed off and unforgiving to upper fullness, whereas Ellace has stretch lace and may be more forgiving.  I can’t wait to get my hands on SS17’s Belle!

As for Ellace, I am so in love I own her in 3 of the 4 colorways and will be reviewing all three at once, so let’s get at it!


With Ellace, as well as Bardot, Belle, and many others, Curvy Kate has knocked it out of the park aesthetically.  The black with champagne contrasts is sexy, the latte is practical yet romantic (and I love that it isn’t named Nude!!) and the white with pink contrasts is sweetly beautiful.  The only colorway I’m missing is Crimson, a richly deep red.  I’m also missing the tan I had when I took those white Ellace pictures! 😉

Keep in mind I took all of these pics in different photo sessions, in varying stages of suntan and PMS bloating 😉 My black and latte Ellaces are 28F and my white one is 30E.  I purchased all of these with my own money and as always, my reviews are 100% my own experiences and opinions.  The first thing that hits me is how perfect the shade of beige the Latte is.  Nude is not a color itself, but I needed an unlined bra to function as a nude for me and Latte nails it on the head.

Fit wise, all three bras are very consistent, as they should be as 2 are the same size and 1 is a sister size.  The 28 bands measure 27.5 (black) and 27.8 (latte), and the 30 band measures 29.8 (white); all within a true to size margin of error when compared to the tagged size.  I prefer the 28 band on my 26.75″ ribcage but I wear my white one closed on the tightest hooks and will continue to do so because I love it so much.  Wire width measures 5.3 (black), 5.0 (latte), and 5.1 (white); cup depth measures 10.0 (black), 9.8 (latte), and 9.8 (white).  Very consistent, with the black colorway oddly being the largest.  Most of the time black bras are slightly smaller due to the dark dye, but these measurements are congruent with what I notice about the fit of the bras on my body.  I have the most extra space on my smaller side in the black cups, whereas it’s minimal in the other 2 colorways.  While I am pretty consistently a 28F these days, I will note that the depth numbers do seem larger/deeper than most other 28F/30Es.  You may be able to size down one cup in Ellace, but YMMV.

As I’ve lost size I feel like my asymmetry has become more noticeable than ever.  I love how Ellace’s stretch lace accommodates both my larger and smaller sides nicely.  There is extra space on my right side but it’s not noticeable until I point it out.  Most of my current bras either noticeably gap on my right side or cut in on my left side and Ellace does neither.  Cup height up the center seam to the top edge measures 5.5 (black), 5.6 (latte), and 5.5 (white).  I’m impressed with how consistent these three bras are across the board and 5.5″ is a good cup height in unlined bras for my short roots.  I can go a little shorter on my smaller side but these are definitely not so much too tall it’s worth mentioning in my case.

I’m really pleased with Ellace, if you can’t tell.  I’m ignoring my other unlined bras in favor of these.  It’s well constructed, beautiful, comfortable, and definitely suited to shapes like mine.  Curvy Kate, if you’re reading this – great job and keep more bras like Ellace coming!!!

What do you think, readers?  Have you tried Ellace?  What do you think of CK’s redesigned fit?  Do you have a favorite CK bra?

Thanks for reading!!

2 thoughts on “Bra Breakdown and Review: Curvy Kate Ellace, 28F & 30E

  1. I, too, really enjoyed this bra. However, I have space for only one wire in a gore of this length. I’d love Curvy Kate to abandon their .8″ standard gore for something more narrow.

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