Bra Review: Comexim Ginger 3HC, 60HH

Good afternoon lovelies!  Today I’m taking a brief look at another 3 part half cup by Comexim – the Ginger.  Ginger is typically offered as a deep plunge cut which is much too wide and shallow for my shape, so I asked Anna if Comexim could make it as a 3HC.  Since they are so accommodating to customer requests and willing to try about anything, they did and I’m very pleased with the results.

Despite sizing down to a 60H in the plunge cut, I am still wearing a 60HH in Comexim’s padded half cups.  Ginger is a bit big on my smaller side but I’m not sure if my left side would allow me to size down, so for the time being I’ll stick with 60HH.  Let’s take a look shall we??


I’ve long been in love with the aesthetics of Ginger.  She has a pale beige base with ivory lace and rich brown bows.  She’s romantic and classy and sweeter than the typical boring beige bra.  Ginger is a little too pale to work as a true nude on my skin but I have other nude bras so I’m okay with that.


Fit wise, Ginger is right in line with other 60HH 3HCs I’ve owned.  Ginger has relatively narrow wires at 5.25,” cups about 9.25″ deep and a good amount of depth at the underwire.  The 3HC shape is known for immediate depth with a not-too-projected apex, which is the perfect shape for my short and narrow roots and pendulous, soft tissue.  The shape is up front and lifted, and just a bit too tall on my right side and less so on my left side.  I do find Ginger’s wires to be slightly wider than other 3HCs in this size (and wider than my root) and the band is snug at 27.”


Ginger is a lovely bra I find myself turning to quite often in my rotation.  I’m always a sucker for sweet lace and classic, neutral colors.  I highly recommend the 3HC cut to those who need room at the underwire without an extreme amount of apex projection.  If you fall in love with a bra on Comexim’s website that isn’t marketed as a 3HC, feel free to ask Anna and I imagine they will make it for you 🙂

That’s all for today.  What are your favorite neutral bras?  Until next time ~ xoxo

2 thoughts on “Bra Review: Comexim Ginger 3HC, 60HH

  1. Hey, pleased to read you again! The bra looks stunning and even if it’s not a true nude on you I think it works well anyway under light clothes. I’m still waiting my Ginger 3HC, I’ve ordered directly from Comexim on Nov 27th but they have not yet ship. I’m looking forward to try it on! I hope it fit like my Ewa CHP, a true blessing for us projected ladies!
    Thanks for this so detailed review!

    1. You’re welcome, I’m glad you found it helpful! Can’t wait for you to get your Ginger. I’m anxiously waiting on another Comexim myself!

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