Bra Review: Curvy Kate Madagascar, 28FF

Happy Sunday!  Today I’m reviewing Curvy Kate Madagascar in “Pixie” – a greenish teal with a subtle zebra print.  Animal print is one of those Great Divides in the fashion industry.  It seems you either love it or hate it.  I’m not a huge fan actually, but it seems understated on this bra.  I love the colors enough to overlook it.


Fit wise, this is one of my better fitting UK bras.  The cup shape is perfect for my short roots.  Madagascar is supposedly based on the Bardot, but I find it more open on top.  I’ve sized down since buying my 30FF Bardot over a year ago, and Bardot’s top section is now quite roomy on me.  However, it closes off SO quickly I’m not convinced I could size down in Bardot – I have a feeling it would cut into the tops of my breasts even though I have really short roots.  Madagascar closes perfectly over the top of Lefty with just a bit of spare room on Righty.  I can’t draw a direct comparison between the two bras since I own them in different sizes, but it does seem Madagascar is a little shallower at the underwire.  You can see some wrinkling in the bottom of the cups but it does seem to stay in place over the day and not ride down my ribcage.


Excuse my messy tattoo-editing here.  The shape from the profile is lovely – rounded and uplifted with a subtle peak.  The band is true to size, and the wires are a nice width.  They’re wider than my Polish bras at 5.3″ but not so wide they’re uncomfortable.  Curvy Kate is known for using 3×3 fasteners even on the smaller end of their size range, and wide straps.  It’s appreciated by  many, but feels like overkill to me.  I’m not sure I really need all that bulk for support.  The straps are pretty wide set as most balconette bras are and when they’re 1″ wide, they’re definitely not subtle under tank tops.


Hello, tail of spence!  I feel like these pictures make the shallow-at-the-bottom issue look worse than it really is.  On my body it really doesn’t feel that bad.  The trim is orange and it sets off the teal well, but again due to the wide straps those orange bows stick out of everything.  This isn’t a bra to hide under a slinky top.  It’s fairly utilitarian in construction, despite its cute details.

If you would like to try out Madagascar you can still find it on Amazon and Figleaves!  I highly recommend it for even shapes with short roots that need a decent amount of projection and fairly narrow wires.

That’s all for today.  I’m still working to get caught up on my stack of reviews so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Bra Review: Curvy Kate Madagascar, 28FF

  1. Looks spectacular with your coloring!! Curvy Kate’s newer unlined designs have earned my praises for short, projected roots. Now, I just need an adjustable gore width. 😉 Like that will happen in the next five years… 😉 😉

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