Bra Review: Anna Pardal for Comexim Lady Grey 3HC; 60HH

Good evening readers!  I’ve been on a magical vacation to the Rocky Mountains this past week, but now I am back with a new review for you!  Anna Pardal was a luxury line designed for and manufactured by Comexim, and sadly she closed her doors last year.  I initially wasn’t a fan of the Lady Grey design, but over time it grew on me.  I asked Comexim a while back if they still had any fabric left and if there’s any way I could snag a half cup.  I was in luck.  Since I ordered this directly from Comexim it was sized in Comexim terms and tagged 60HH.   In Anna Pardal world, this would have been considered a 28G.  Anna Pardal fabrics are scrumptious.  The satin is lovely and the lining is so soft.  AP bras were known to run a band size tight and often a cup size small.  I stuck with my typical 60HH Comexim size.  I really could assign 3 sizes to this bra – Comexim 60HH, Anna Pardal 28G, and what it really fits like – more of a 26G.  The band is indeed snug, but it’s fine on what’s become my 26.5 UB.  Let’s take a look at this stunner.


So these pictures were shot about a month ago, after my lovely sunburn acquired on a float trip.  I adore the tiny Fleur de Lis print and the peach and grey color theme.  Grey is painfully underutilized in lingerie and I’ll snap up about anything grey that might fit my shape.  The cups are very much alike standard Comexim 3HC cups.  The ribbon edge closes the top section off slightly.  The difference in quality is most obvious in the fabrics.  I cannot get over the satin, seriously!  It just adds a special extra something.  It’s also very beneficial when it comes to the band, which I’ll discuss next.


The band measures to 26.5″ stretched.  I really toe the line between needing 26 and 28 bands these days, and this is by far the most comfortable 26 band I’ve ever worn.  Even band tension is acheived by using a satin material that doesn’t stretch much, so it is as firm as the elastic edging on the band.  I’ve ran into discomfort with cheaper UK lines like Cleo, where the mesh fabric of the band is much more lax than the elastic edging.  This creates digging into my rib flares and unsightly bumps at the top and bottom of the band.  With an allover firm band like Lady Grey, it doesn’t dig into my ribs and creates a smooth profile from the side.  THESE are the 26 bands I need in my life!!

You can see the narrow wires and immediate depth that are signature of Comexim and Ewa Michalak bras and work so fabulously with my own shape.  There is gapping on my right, smaller side.  I’ve lost around another 5 pounds since these photos were shot, and my breast size and shape continues to morph.  In the past year, I’ve dropped around a cup size and about a band size, so I feel in some ways I’m restarting my bra fitting journey as I figure out what styles and brands will continue to work with my new size.  My overall need for narrow wires and immediate depth has not and will not change, so Polish bras continue to be my go-to choices.

I’ve mentioned several times in my recent posts about my weight loss, so I figured it was time to address it.  As far as what’s going on in my personal life and medical issues – obviously I’m insanely stressed out and busy with nursing school, which is an appetite killer in itself, but I’ve also struggled with some chronic GI problems.  Several medications and tests have yet to identify the cause, but to make a long story short I’m incredibly uncomfortable most days and simply unable to eat as much as I used to.  Given my history of eating disorders, I’m toeing a fine line here between staying healthy while also consuming less because I have to or I’m in pain.  I don’t want my readers to worry about me, so I knew it was time for an explanation.


Back to the Lady Grey.  It still remains one of my best, if not THE best currently fitting padded half cup I own.  I’ve branched out to some other brands lately looking for bradrobe replacements on an extremely limited budget and while I’ve had mild success with a Freya I’ll be reviewing once I get caught up on my stack, but Comexim remains my one true love.  Thank the bra Gods for their existence!!

That’s all for today!  Have you tried Anna Pardal designs?  What are your other favorite luxury lines?

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