Bra Review: Cleo Marcie 30F in beautiful burgundy

Good morning!  Today will be a rather brief write up, as there’s not much difference between this bra and my previously reviewed yellow Marcie.  They are sister sizes, so very much the same dimensions overall.  The burgundy is a stunning color though, so let’s take a closer look at the aesthetics.  You can find Marcie here, here, here, and here.  She retails brand new at most places for around $55 USD.


I picked up the burgundy color in a steal on eBay, and went with the 30 band because the yellow 28 band fits like a 26.  I can do 26 bands, in comfortable bands with firm fabric and even tension between the fabric and elastics, but in Marcie (and most Cleo bands), the top and bottom edge elastic has more tension than the mesh fabric of the band, which causes the band to dig in painfully and also creates a lumpy profile.  I was hoping this 30 band would run like a 28 band, but it’s closer to being a true 30 than anything else.  Regardless, it’s more comfortable than my yellow Marcie.


I shot these pictures 3 months ago, before I got my summer tan, I’ve just had a steady stream of newer and different bras to review so it took me a while to get around to writing this post.  From the front all looks well with the bra and the color looks nice on my winter-pale skin.


From the side, we see the same shape as all other Marcies – great immediate depth, basketball roundness, and narrow-ish wires.  They’re a bit wide for me, but not unworkably so.


Ahh… there it is.  The gapping.  The totally empty lace section.  At the time I took these pictures, I don’t think I could have sized down to a 30E.  Since May, I’ve had more boob-shrinkage and now I think I could size down.  I’m awaiting the arrival of a 28F to prove my theory, so I’ll report back once I’ve been able to see in person how a smaller cup volume works on my shape.  The perk of the half-filled Burgundy cups is no in-cup quadboob, which was a big problem with the first few runs of the nude, black, and burgundy Marcie colorways.  In fact, despite the lace being essentially empty, I can tell from how the seam is stitched that if I did fill out the upper cup section, there would be in-cup quadding.

Despite the fit/non-fit, I still wear my Marcies to death.  I adore their shape, and of the well-known Cleo Trio (Marcie, Lucy/Kali, and Lily) – Marcie is the only one that has enough immediate depth for my breasts.  I’ve yet to try Cleos newer styles like Skye, Blake, and Kayla but from reviews I’ve seen around the interwebs, I don’t think they’d have what I’m looking for.  I hope sizing down gets rid of the gapping at the top section without making the bottom of the cup too small.

Stay tuned for my update once I get to try on a 28F!

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