Bra Review: Ewa Michalak BM Mojito, 65F – my summer heartache.

Good afternoon loyal readers!  Today I’m reviewing one of Ewa Michalak’s newest bras, the Mojito.  The BM cut is an unpadded balconette with a stretch lace upper section, and is well known and loved among many larger busted ladies I’ve met in the industry.  I adore Mojito’s shades-of-teal summer vibe and was instantly enamored with the colorway when Ewa released it in both the BM and S (padded balconette) styles.  BM is different than the other unpadded balconette style, the SM, in that it has slightly deeper cups and the stretch lace section.  I have experience with both the SM cut and the S cut and could find very little information about the BM in my size range, so I reached out to Ewa and she graciously provided this bra for review purposes.  Let’s see how she turned out:


Why yes, I am a little sunburned!  I suppose I could have swapped out my yellow belly button ring to one that matches, but I tend to forget it’s there haha.  Looking past that, I’m just as enamored in real life by Mojito as I was on the website, if not more.  The colors are more vibrant in person, and I love how the shades of teal and aqua blend flawlessly together.  The bottom two sections of the cup are lined with non stretch pale beige mesh – you can see it peeking out from where the lace trim is bunched up on the band, oops 🙂  Ewa’s signature bows adorn the gore and straps.  When I decided on size, I told Ewa either a 60FF (preferred) or a 65F if she preferred since 60 bands are considered custom for Ewa.  I got the 65 band, but it stretches to 28″ so it runs a full band size small, which I appreciate and find is almost the rule lately with Ewa’s 65 bands.  I guess I got lucky as typically I need a 60/28 band, so it’s not a problem for me, but for those needing a true 30 band – YMMV, as we say.  Your mileage may vary.

Sadly, as gorgeous as it is, you can immediately see the most glaring fit issue.  The cups are enormous.  They are very tall and deep, measuring 7.25″ from the deepest bottom of the underwire along the vertical seam to the top of the lace and 10.25″ deep.  My best fitting half cups measure from 5.25-5.5″ tall, so this is about 2″ to tall for my very short roots.  Kaska, Ewa’s CS rep, told me the cups run deeper than other styles and many need to size down.  I believe this is also on Ewa’s website in the description of the BM cut.  I’ve owned and currently wear many EM bras, in sizes ranging from 60G to 65FF.  I haven’t worn a 65E/30E/28F in ages and was gun-shy about ordering a 65E because despite recent shrinkage, I really couldn’t see myself in an “E” anything.  I was hoping the 65F would cut it, but unfortunately it did not.


My nipples sit below the apex of the bra, leaving the stretch lace section completely empty against my chest wall.  With no upper tissue to press against the lace, the shape from the side is less round than it could have been if I’d actually filled out the cups.  I did email Kaska with these pictures and asked for her opinion regarding the size.  She feels it is at least one cup size too big and that the 65E may in fact still be too big, and 65E is the smallest size offered in the BM cup.  It’s my personal opinion that a 65E would lack the depth I need in the bottom of the cup, as this bra just barely has enough depth at the bottom to remain in my IMF.  It’s pretty clear to me this is a bra designed with the larger sizes in mind, or at least taller roots/more upper fullness than I have.  Fantastic news for those of us who are FOT… somewhat disappointing for my short little ladies.


You can see from the side view the subtle point, or peak, I get in the profile.  If I really aggressively scoop and swoop my larger breast and tug on the lace so it is flat, the shape becomes quite round and somewhat minimized.  I would have loved this shape.  The wires are very narrow at 5.1″ which is right in the range I need and they follow my root closely.  The tall cups come dangerously close to my armpits but I didn’t find them uncomfortable when taking these pictures.  The quality of the bra is top notch, as usual.  For me, it would require some alterations to be worn as intended.  Again, I love love love the color and wish I’d asked for the matching briefs as the set against my tanned skin would be quite stunning.

It’s safe to say the Mojito is my summer heartbreak, as I’m totally obsessed with the aesthetics yet the fit is not perfect on me.  I strongly encourage those with upper fullness to pursue the BM styles offered by Ewa.  On the right breast shape, it’s a fantastic, supportive, and beautiful bra.

You can find a review of the S Mojito by the lovely Wen here.  What do you think?  Are you in the smaller cup range and have you tried BM?  What are your current summer lingerie must-haves?

One thought on “Bra Review: Ewa Michalak BM Mojito, 65F – my summer heartache.

  1. I wear a 30GG in Ewa (28H in other brands), and I find the BM style usually runs about half a cup size larger than the other unpadded bra, the SM. I am living in my BM bras at the moment- I’ve put on weight, I don’t want to buy new bras in a bigger size as I’m trying to lose the podge, and yet my SM styles are too small in the cup. The BMs just about fit. I don’t have the Mohito, so can’t comment on this colourway, I’m wearing the BM Scarlet today. Ewa michalak bras (on me anyway) seem to go S, SM/CHP, BM in order of how generous they are in the cup. I only have one CHP so not a very representative sample!

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