Bikini Review: Asos Fuller Bust China Blue Paisley print convertible top, UK 32F

Good morning and I apologize for the long delay between posts.  I have been very very busy with full time summer classes and a wedding I shot last weekend, so life has been a little insane!

Today I’m reviewing an Asos Swim top.  Previously I’ve had little luck with Asos and their house swim line.  This particular top was in the outlet section for $7 and made my order qualify for free international shipping, so I said “why the hell not” and gave it a shot.  The only remaining size was UK 32F, which is larger than what I typically wear, but from my past experience all Asos swim tops tend to run small, so I figured it was a low risk gamble.

Much to my surprise, this top is true to size – meaning it required quite a few alterations to be workable.  I’ll cover those in a minute, but first – pictures!


It so happened I had a matching pair of underwear when I took these pictures 😉 I’ve since acquired some white bikini bottoms to complete this set.  What drew me to the top was the color of blue.  Normally I’m not a paisley print fan, but typically paisley print is a combination of several colors and I liked that this top is simply blue and white.  It’s a beautiful shade of blue, too.  The halter straps are removable, but since the cups are slightly big I cannot wear this as a bandeau top – they just don’t stay up.  Anything with a bandeau/strapless bra cut tends to dig into my tail of spence and give me “mouse ears” – which I’ve also called my “chicken wings” for whatever reason.  Neither of those terms really make sense, do they?  LOL.  Anyways, it drives me batty but I don’t know who else notices them so I try not to worry too much about it.

If you look closely, you may be able to tell I altered the center gore to be narrower.  It was quite wide to start with and didn’t tack, not to mention it was a bit uncomfortable.  Making it narrower allows it to tack between my center-full breasts.  It also tilted the cups slightly more forward, creating a bigger gap at the top.  I fixed this by detaching the original strap placement and moving the strap attachment inwards about  2-3cm.  This pulled the tops of the cups closer to my body.


The bottoms of these cups have more immediate depth than I’m used to in a padded bikini top, and I think it’s because this is truly a 3 part seamed cup design, not a molded cup.  I could stand for a bit more room – but if you’ve read my blog at all, you’re well versed in how common this problem is for me.  A big downfall of Asos is they don’t describe their products in much detail or very accurately.  I’ve bought a halter from them that was described as “lightly padded” and it had NO padding to speak of.  This top was described as “molded” and it’s definitely not.  I was expecting a single piece, heat formed foam cup that was a lot shallower overall, and I was happily surprised to find that was not the case.  The problem is – you could hop on Asos right now and buy a top in what looks like this exact same cut and I couldn’t tell you definitively if it would be molded or cut-and-sew.

The band absolutely had to be altered, as it indeed stretched to 32.”  I simply picked the stitches out from around the clasp in the back, pulled the band through the clasp on both sides, and re-stitched.  Now it stretches to around 29, and could still stand to be tighter, but I haven’t messed with it again.


I like that the top is a halter, my preferred bikini top style, and I really do love the colors.  It took some work, and like I mentioned it can’t be worn as a bandeau for me.  The cups are too big and the halter strap helps hide that.  The cups are fairly open on top and should get along well with somebody who has more upper fullness than I.  For $7, I’m not complaining about the alteration work I had to do, as it was all fairly easy and quick.  I like having another swim top option in my wardrobe – I’ve never had so many workable swimsuits in my fully-busted life!

What do you think?  Have you had experience with Asos swim tops?  Thanks for stopping by!

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