Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Słowianki, 65FF

Good evening lovelies!  Today I’m reviewing my favorite floral bra ever, the CHP Słowianki.  I’m more of a 28FF/30F these days, and this is a 65FF but fits very similarly to my Gazeta.  So, I’d say it runs slightly small in the cups, and Gazeta runs slightly big in the cups.  It runs very tight in the band, stretching only to 28″ making it just right for my 27″ underbust.

Typically I’m not a floral fan, with the exception of my watercolor-like Colette and this lovely Słowianki.  I think what makes this bra so interesting to me is the stark white floral shapes against the red background.  Firstly – I own zero red bras (well, one including this one) so it’s a different color than my norm.  Secondly – the flowers have little to no detail so they look more like abstract floral cut outs, like the snowflakes you make from paper during the holiday season, rather than a very obviously floral print.  


See what I mean?  Ewa’s signature giant bow on the gore is white with a red center and the straps are accented with little white bows at their attachment point.  There is also a lace trim to the cups and lace overlay on the cradle that is unexpected with the unique flower-shape fabric and lends this bra a sweet feminine edge.


I also really appreciate the continuation of the floral fabric to the band.  It’s a small detail but so many full bust bands are so boring and plain!  Fit wise, there’s nothing new to report here.  Ewa’s half cups continue to amaze with the magic they work on my narrow, pendulous shape.  The narrow wires enclose my root and the depth at the bottom of the cup is sufficient to allow the underwires to rest comfortably in my IMF.  The depth at the gore allows for my center fullness.  I’ve got great uplift and a nice, rounded shape.  I’m always going to pick on Ewa’s wide set straps, but it’s an exercise in futility to expect they’ll ever get narrower.


Despite my slight asymmetry, this bra seems to fit both sides pretty well.  I notice less bubbling on lefty than usual and less gapping on righty than usual.  


At this angle my right/smaller breast is closest to the camera and you can see the edge of the very open cup sticking out above it, and how lefty is nicely contained.  You can also see how dangerously close to sliding off my shoulders the straps are, and I have broad shoulders.  It’s no wonder that’s a common EM complaint.


Overall, I’d rate EM Słowianki an 9/10, with just a minor deduction for the wide set straps.  It’s otherwise a great fit and a bright, cheerful option for sunny days that stay cool enough to comfortably wear a padded bra.  I live in Heat & Humidity Hell from June-early October, so my padded bras may stay mostly put up, but I’ll likely reach for Słowianki first if I get the option!

What do you think?  Is there a style or pattern, such as florals or animal print, that you usually shy away from but yet somehow found an exception to the rule?

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