Bra Review: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Casie, 32E altered to 28FF


Lately I’ve been itching to branch out and try different brands, with more delicate aesthetics.  I have a burning passion for luxury lingerie, but not always a budget that can fulfill that passion 😉 But when I found Casie, I just had to try it.  Her sweet baby pink color and intricate sunburst embroidery drew me in.  I can see myself lounging around on lazy weekends in the above outfit, feeling like a princess.

Agent Provocatuer offers a somewhat limited size range, from UK 32-38 A-E.  I may or may not have seen some F cups floating around the interwebs, but generally things stop at E.  I’ve not been able to find another Casie since acquiring mine, but you can currently find the same cut in a stunning cobalt blue at Bare Necessities for just $48.99.  AP’s website also has similarly styled bras, including the Bethanie, Gracie, Love, and Tina, at varying price points.  They also have my latest obsession, Stone.  Isn’t she beautiful?  You can also find some discontinued L’Agent bras on eBay, like the Monica, Adlina, Penelope, and Clementina, all with very reasonable prices.

Anyways, on to the fit points.


Agent Provocateur bras don’t appear to be designed for heavy lifting and massive support, and that holds true for Casie on me.  Altering the brand was a breeze, but I’d really appreciate it if AP could take their current sizes and make the equivalent volumes on smaller bands.  In all honesty, this isn’t my most supportive bra, but it is one of my most beautiful.  I really love the blush color and satin straps.  It’s very comfortable and lightweight for our hot summers.


The wires arrived to me at 5.5″ wide, and I gently bent them to 5.25″ so they more closely followed my root.  I get a minimized and subtly rounded profile.  I appreciate that it isn’t pointy, and appreciate the minimizing effect under most of my breezy summer shirts.  


Considering the purpose for which I bought Casie, I think it works out quite well 🙂 I like having options in my lingerie wardrobe.  Some days I’m just not feeling the maximum lift and projection I get from my Polish bras, and some days I like the appeal of a subtler profile and sweet minimal aesthetic.  I’m more confident in my alteration ability and less afraid to venture outside the box.  I’m sure I’ll have a few more reviews from different brands to come in the near future.


What do you think?  Have you tried Agent Provocateur, or any luxury lingerie brand?  What styles are you currently lusting after?

2 thoughts on “Bra Review: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Casie, 32E altered to 28FF

  1. You know I have a love for AP and L’Agent~ The Casie, in my opinion, is prettiest in this color way. I’ve seen the black version, but I think the embroidery works better on this peach rendition. The gold-tone centers of the flowers and the white stitched petals make it look like it’s covered in little daisies. Love!
    What do you think of the center gore? Would you narrow it, for instance? I did that with the Esthar and found it immediately improved 😮
    I love the photos you did for this~ It really matches the gentle aesthetic of the bra. 🙂

    1. The center gore is low enough that it doesn’t need to be narrowed for comfort, but it might improve fit if I tried it. I might! And thank you love 🙂

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