Bra Review: Ewa Michalak S Colette 60G + M Briefs

Good morning!  It’s a depressing, rainy day here so I thought I’d review my brand new EM Colette with its pastel summery floral feel.  I received this set for review from the wonderful Aisha at Zathiya – and if your size isn’t in stock she can likely order it for you!  She is also carrying a trial run of Avocado lingerie now so hurry over to her site if you’ve ever wanted to try them!  She’s based right here in Texas, USA. 

I’m not a fan of florals, but Colette stole my heart with its somewhat abstract print and muted color combination.  I had never tried the S style from Ewa, which is marketed as a padded balconette and closely resembles Comexim’s plunge style.  I have tried several plunges from Comexim, with mixed results.  On my blog you can find reviews of Comexim’s Luna, Poison Ivy, Free Time, Irish Coffee, and Brigitte.  I was curious how the two styles compared fit wise.  ThePetiteCollegiate did a fantastic write up comparing the S cut and Comexim plunges and you can find it here.

On to the Colette!


Oh my, such a stunning pattern.  And yes, it’s summer finally and I’ve spent some time outside!  Thank you for noticing 😉 Anyways, I really do love this bra.  I love the lace accents and beautiful straps, even though they’re not fully adjustable.  High set ladies take note – the straps may be too long for you.  Since I am low set I often leave straps as long as they’ll go, so this isn’t a deal breaker for me.  Visually the S vs Comexim plunges are quite similar.  The S bra is a 3 part padded cup, with one vertical and one horizontal seam.  The apex is quite high and very projected.


I have read various reviews with differing opinions on the amount of immediate projection in the S cut, and that was a concern for me.  I’ve also seen a couple opinions that Colette is seemingly more projected at the wire than other S cut bras, and that seems to hold true for me.  I don’t have a problem with the wires getting into and staying in my IMF, and they are also quite narrow at 5.1″ and follow my root closely.  Some of the minor fit quibbles I expected held true – the cups are too tall on my smaller side and the straps are very wide set.  I wish moving the straps closer together is something Ewa would consider, but I know better than to hold my breath waiting for that option.  Thankfully, all S bras come with cookie pockets and pads to correct asymmetry, so if this cup height bothered me (which it doesn’t, really) I could stick a pad in there to boost righty up a bit.  All of these pictures were taken without pads.


From an angle perspective you can see shadowing from the cup gap on my right side, but my left side is happy.  I’ve come to accept my slight asymmetry and the fact that no bra will ever fit both breasts perfectly.


I did get the matching briefs, and the set together is stunning.  Unfortunately for me, the rise on the briefs is very high.  High rise panties are in style these days, but they don’t work on my short torso.  They almost hit my belly button, which is uncomfortable, and in my opinion they only serve to highlight the fact that I have no waistline definition and a short torso.  To me, they visually cut me in half and make me appear less curvy than I already am.  On someone with a longer torso, the rise would likely function as a mid-rise. However, I was blessed with narrow hips and legs a mile long.  From the back, the briefs create an elongated, flat shape.  It’s a case of longbutt.  For this reason,  I steer clear of high rise or even mid rise pants.  I am not a fan of thongs, but for those who are, I do believe the Colette thong has a lower rise.

So other than the briefs being very high, I’m in love with this set.  It’s really a pretty good fit on me.  Have you tried Colette?  What’s your favorite Ewa S bra?

I have a huge backlog of reviews to post, so stay tuned!  More pretty bras coming soon!

Love XOXO,
Dreams and Underthings.

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  1. This set is sooo pretty! Oh and your new name is very cute! It is like everybody is going to self hosting! Ahah! 🙂 Congrats!



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