Bikini Review: Comexim Garden of Eden 60J + M bottoms

Morning lovely readers!  Today I’m reviewing another bikini set, the Garden of Eden from Comexim.  I originally ordered their  Pomarańcza (which translates to Orange) set, since I love all things orange and bright orange looks killer with my summer tan.  Sadly, they ran out of fabric and sweet Anna sent me this as a replacement.  It fits very similarly to my Pin Up Girl set, so I can’t say I have new and exciting things to report in the way of fit, but let’s get on with the pictures and review anyways!


So Garden of Eden looks very much like the name would suggest.  It’s a vibrant floral/leafy pattern on a white background.  Each individual swimsuit looks a little bit different from the others, as it’s not a repeating pattern on the fabric.   Mine was made in the 3HC pattern, in 60J with straps moved in 2cm and convertible hooks so I can cross the straps in the back.


The fit is narrow and projected at the underwire, which I’ve come to expect from Comexim.  Interestingly, despite the same tagged size, this entire top ran slightly smaller and tighter.  I found the band uncomfortably tight, and you can see it digging into my flared ribs.  It arrived to me stretching to only 26.5″ which is pretty small for a 28 band.  I could close it, but it wasn’t comfortable.  The sides of the cups also felt tight and cut into my armpit fat and Tail of Spence.  I also had zero gapping in the cups, which is good but in contrast to my 60J Pin Up Girl.  It seems I need a band that stretches to the sweet spot between Garden of Eden and Pin Up Girl, which keeps getting looser the more I wear it.


The set together is very pretty, if you’re into floral and garden prints.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite my style.  I really appreciate Anna’s desire to fulfill every order and her willingness to go above and beyond.  She could have simply stated they couldn’t do this swimsuit and been done with it, but I can tell she really wanted me to have a suit and this set was her olive branch.  I desperately wish I loved it.  I’m just not a floral person.  I know it’s very popular among the lingerie community and this bikini has been highly sought after, which makes me feel like an oddity.  I’m guess I’m much more of a solids/stripes/polka dots/small patterns person when it comes to swimsuits.


Bit blurry here, but the back coverage is perfect.  Lower rise, almost full coverage but not totally.  Again, I find myself wishing I loved the print!!

That’s it for this one readers.  What are your thoughts on Garden of Eden.  Have a happy bra day!

6 thoughts on “Bikini Review: Comexim Garden of Eden 60J + M bottoms

  1. Love seeing the whole set reviewed here! I think the criss-crossing straps are a great option to have. I do admittedly think this looks more bra-like than bikini in some ways – maybe if the background wasn’t white? Maybe if it was teal or something to that effect?
    It looks lovely on you! I wish you loved it too! :'(

  2. I’m surprised, I actually love the print on this suit. If I strike out with some tops I’ve just ordered, I might consider it 🙂

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