Bra Review: Comexim Annika 3HC, 60HH

Look at me go – 2 reviews in one week 🙂 Comexim Annika is a stunning brown and copper bra you can find right here on Zathiya.  It feels very much like the perfect autumn bra – I can see myself lounging around in Annika and a soft sweater with a mug of hot chocolate.  I’ve had my eyes on Annika ever since it was released as a plunge cut a few months ago, so when Aisha at Zathiya asked if I’d like to review the half cup version of it, I was over the moon excited.


I’m totally smitten with the aesthetics of this bra.  It’s very classy.  Brown is sadly underutilized in the lingerie world, so I’m thrilled to see another chocolate brown bra.  The copper ribbon is the perfect accent to the brown.  My favorite part of the design is the lace overlay on the cups that shimmers.  It’s not a contrasting color, the lace is brown, but the shimmer causes it to stand out just enough to be noticed but not take away from the overall design.


Fit-wise, I have no complaints.  The band is true to size, measuring exactly 28″ stretched.  The fit of the cups is spot on when compared to the rest of my 60HH Comexim half cups.  The wires are narrow at 5.0″ and there’s plenty of immediate projection at the bottom of the cups.  I was worried the copper ribbon would close off the top of the cups, but it really doesn’t.  Not enough to cause fit problems for me, at least.   I suppose if you are very FOT you may notice the cups cutting in a little in comparison to other half cups.  On me, my left and larger side just fits in, and my right and smaller side fits perfectly with a tiny bit of room to spare.  This is how I expected the bra to fit based on my previous experiences and taking into account my asymmetry, and I have to say I’m impressed with Comexim’s consistency when it comes to cup sizes.


Here’s a closer view of the shimmery lace and copper detailing.  There’s also a small cameo charm on the central gore.  Aesthetically, this bra reminds me very much of the Anna Pardal “Miss Pam” that I never managed to acquire before AP shut down.  I love that the styles are very similar because I lusted after Miss Pam, and now I have something even prettier, in my opinion 🙂


Annika gives me very subtle cakes-on-a-plate cleavage, which I love.  I simply cannot get over how beautiful this bra is.  I’m very lucky and thankful to have the chance to wear and review Annika.  Now all I need to find is the matching bottoms! 🙂

What do you think?  Do you find Annika as stunning as I do?  What bras are you currently lusting after?  Thanks for stopping by!

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