Bra Review: Gorteks Marilyn, EU 65G

Good afternoon!  I have a review I’m excited to share today.  For those keeping track, I’ve been desperately searching for a beige unlined bra to function as a nude for me during warm summer months.  I’ve searched all the UK brands and both Comexim and Ewa Michalak and not found anything that fits and is functional.  So I decided to branch out and try a brand I could find very little information on.  I found no measurements or reviews for this particular bra so it was a total shot in the dark!  I took a chance… you know… for bra science 😉

Gorteks is a Polish bra that uses EU sizing, so this 65G translates to a UK 30F.  You can find Marilyn for just $27 USD from The Other Eden, and it’s available in both black and white as well!After impatiently waiting for the international shipment to arrive, I finally got to try it on!


Not bad!!  I was sure it would be wide and shallow, as all bras are until proven otherwise.  I measured this at 5.25″ wide and 9.5″ deep. In person, I find this bra quite pretty, and the straps are super soft & comfortable.  It also has a sparkly charm at the gore, which is perfect.  Without it, the bra would be 100% utilitarian, as there’s no extra bows or frilly trim or anything.  The seams are fairly flat and the cup fabric is flat.  Online it looked like lace, but in person it actually looks like a patterned mesh.  Whatever it is, I’m just happy it doesn’t stick up from the cup and show through thin shirts.

Something you may notice right away is the very tall gore.  The wire channels actually touch at the top, so it is narrow, but it is 3.5″ tall.  My breasts touch at the top, and you can tell how the sides of the gore are pressing into breast tissue.  Thankfully the wires are fairly soft and flexible. I think that’s what is saving the tall gore from stabbing my sternum.  The bra is marketed as a balconette, but the cups are very full coverage.  In this case, that is fine with me as I don’t want cleavage or anything in this kind of bra.  The whole point of it is to literally disappear!


You can see from the side view the wires follow my root pretty closely and there is good projection in the bottom of the cup.  The shape is almost too closed on top for even my short roots.  My right breast is slightly smaller and perfectly happy.  I think if the gore was a bit shorter, the top of the cup wouldn’t press in on lefty. As it is, it only barely cuts inso I’m not too worried about it.

The band is a true 30. I have it clasped on the middle hooks on me, but could easily be closed on the tightest.  Depending on how fast it stretches out, it may need altered before too long.  The strap placement is comparable to Ewa – fairly wide and likely bothersome for those with narrow shoulders.  It has longer wires than Comexim but shorter wings than Panache.  The cups are not in my armpits, but your mileage may vary.

From this angle, you can see how my right breast fits just fine, and you can also see where the wires are about 1cm below my IMF.  I have worn this bra all day and didn’t find the projection severely lacking, but I did find myself pulling it back up a couple of times.  Sadly, bras that have enough projection at the underwire for my pendulous shape are few and far between, and I wasn’t expecting a miracle with this one.IMG_5815

The entire cup is slightly stretchy, and I find that it provides less uplift and a more natural shape than, say… Cleo and their ultra-round basketball boobs.  But it’s not pointy, and that’s a big deal to me.  I cannot stand a pointy shape.  Overall, I would recommend this bra for very specific shapes. It’s definitely best for someone who can tolerate a tall gore & wider set straps, and who has short roots or is definitely FOB.  I can’t envision these cups getting along with upper fullness.  For me, it will serve a purpose, but I can’t promise I’m 100% done looking!! 😉 What do you think?  Do you have any experience with Gorteks?
Thanks for stopping by!  I have a lot of new goodies to review so look for another update by the end of the week 🙂

13 thoughts on “Bra Review: Gorteks Marilyn, EU 65G

  1. Hello,
    I also tried this bra and it was completely disaster due to my tall roots and fairly shallow breasts. Have you tried non-padded Freyas (not half cups)? They are too deep for me and also cut to my tall roots, so maybe they could work for you.

    1. Yes I have and they’re awful. Theoretically they should work, and it’s not really a shape mismatch, I just hate the pointier shape they give and find most if not all of them hideously ugly not to mention terribly scratchy and uncomfortable lol. I don’t have a problem finding unlined bras (I love Marcie despite its lace gapping on my short roots), I have a problem finding unlined beige bras.

      1. Then for who unlined Freyas are? 🙂 Anyway I completely understand you with the non-padded nude bras. I also had a big problem to find such a bra but fortunately Freya Marvel fits me. But I think it’s too shallow for you and it also have wider underwires. And just few weeks ago I bought nude bra in Lindex in unusually 32D and it’s pretty good. Actually more comfortable then Marvel, I think.
        What about spacer bras? I know they aren’t non-padded but I think (and I hope) they would be comfortable during hot summer.

        1. Freya unlined bras are for my shape – narrow, FOB/short roots, projection. I just don’t like the patterns and the pointy shape lol! Plus their 28 bands are NOT 28 bands… ugh so much stretchy. Marvel is definitely too wide and shallow. And anything seamless (including spacer) is too shallow for me too. #projectionproblems

  2. Nice review! I’ve looked at Gorteks a few times but shied away due to the lack of reviews. Might have to give it a go, though I am a little concerned about it being to closed on top. Have you gotten to try the nude Panache Envy yet?

    1. No… can’t bring myself to spend the money on it, it’s still largely unavailable in 28 bands, and I tend not to get along with stretch lace due to my short roots. I imagine I could size down to a 28F or 30E, but not interested for $60. Plus Panache wires are torture. I’m really picky these days lol.

      1. Mostly just curious because people rave about the lace, and you’re close to my size range and shape. But, since the Jasmine didn’t work at all, I guess I shouldn’t even consider it. Meh.

        Tempted to ask Anna at Comexim if she’s considered designing an unlined beige.

  3. You know what, I’ve been thinking about it and this print is sort of like “disco wallpaper meets the color beige” LOL. It’s good to see reviews on this! It’s good because I know it definitely wouldn’t work on me so my wallet thanks you. <3 It seems like this would be great for really FOB shapes.

  4. Ooh, this looks like it could have some potential for me! I’m slightly worried about the high he shape of the cups looks like it could work. I’ve found it pretty cheap on Amazon, so I’m going to give it a go. Thanks for the review!

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