Bra Review: Cleo Marcie, 28FF – a summertime classic.


Cleo Marcie is a 3 part balconette bra by Panache that has been around for eons and been reviewed many times.  It’s generally the first bra recommended for full on top shapes or tall rooted breasts, and I am neither of those.  I am even-to-full on bottom, with very short roots.  But I have always loved the Marcie for it’s simplicity and rounded shape, and for the fact that it’s available in a lot of colors.  I recently acquired the summery yellow colorway, and while it’s not a perfect fit, it’s darn close and there’s still plenty to love about Marcie.  You can find the nude and black continuity colors at Bare Necessities, and various sizes are left of the discontinued candy pink, magenta/orange, and raspberry colors on eBay.  Figleaves is also carrying the gorgeous SS16 Bluebell colorway.


I paired Marcie with some yellow hipster undies I have from Victoria’s Secret and while they’re not a perfect match, it’s close enough for me.  I would have preferred the yellow shade to be a bit less bright, but I nitpick.  Marcie gives the classic Cleo basketball shape, very similar to the Cleo Lilys I’ve previously reviewed.


Marcie has slightly wider wires than Lily but they still follow my root fairly closely.  It’s worth noting that recently Marcie was released in nude, black, and burgundy, and the first manufacturing run of all of those colors had a problem with the diagonal seam that created in-cup quadboobing for those of us with softer tissue.  I briefly owned a nude Marcie on my quest for a nude unlined bra, but couldn’t deal with the seam cutting into my tissue.  It was also slightly too small.  Thankfully, the yellow colorway is an older Marcie and doesn’t suffer from this issue.  I’ve heard that problem has since been resolved, but have yet to try any of those colors again to see for myself.


All of the Marcies have a pretty lace trim on the upper cup, embroidered dots, and a contrasting bow at the gore.  Mine is obviously lying crooked, oops!  The lace is not stretch lace but it doesn’t close off quickly either, and is indeed forgiving to upper fullness.


I have extra room in the cups on both of my breasts but it is most obvious on my smaller side.  I don’t think it’s enough to warrant sizing down to a 28F, I think this is simply the result of putting my short rooted breasts into a bra designed for taller roots and more upper volume.


The projection at the wire is great.  Marcie and Lily are the most projected of the original trio of unlined Cleo bras that also included the Lucy.  I tried the Lucy once in a 28G, and despite being the friendliest to short roots, it was by far the widest and shallowest of the three and wasn’t a good fit on me at all.


I digress. Panache is known to starch the crap out of their fabric so for those with picky skin, Marcie might require a few washings before it’s comfortable.  I’ve definitely owned softer bras in my lifetime, but I don’t find the fabric to be intolerable.  Overall, I am happy to have added a Marcie to my collection of unlined bras.  It’s a fun color and the lightweight fabric will be nice for our hot and humid summers.

What do you think lovely readers?  Has the warmer weather gotten you in the mood for lightweight, summer-friendly lingerie?  As always, thanks for stopping by!

15 thoughts on “Bra Review: Cleo Marcie, 28FF – a summertime classic.

  1. Oh lord, now that you’ve pointed me in the right direction. I’m on a bra/swimsuit buying binge:-0. In my defense I need an overhaul. You just have the perfect shape in everything you try on it seems!! I wanted to do a fit check with my new bikini because it’s a little off, but I think I may be overanalyzing it. I can find better. The fit check I did at bratabase had me feeling insecure about myself though, so I’m afraid now. I love love your posts, you’re just too cute!

    1. Thanks! I definitely do not have the perfect shape in everything haha, I’ve had some big wins and big fails in my bra life. I’ve been at this over a year now so I have a really good idea of what will work and what doesn’t, therefore most of what I buy and review these days works!

      Don’t be insecure, just keep asking questions and doing fit checks and you’ll get it figured out!

      1. I’ve read I think all of your posts. You look pretty amazing in even the “bad fits”.
        Thanks girl. I feel like there are only 2-3 people with good advice and with the rest it’s counterproductive or just confusing. Some of the comments made me feel insecure and question myself. They make me more confused. I had one comment about reverse letterophobia that has me so confused. I tried the 26 bands you suggested& thought it was a good fit. I had one suggestion that the band was too small& cup way too big& the cup size compensates for the band. Someone else said the band was too big& I trust them more bc it rides up and I have literally no marks or faint lines from it. but it had me second guessing everything and frustrated. After scooping and swooping I actually feel like it is a lot smaller than I thought. With the band backwards it won’t stay in my IMF& I can fit my hand there and twist it sideways. So I’m so confused.

        1. There’s always going to be differences in opinion about what fits & doesn’t. I agree there are several running around that dispense advice I personally don’t agree with. There are definite signs of a good fit & a bad fit & those lines aren’t that blurry. You want the wires in your IMF. You want them to follow your roots on the side. You want as little wrinkling or gapping or overspill as possible. Be sure you’re scooping & swooping from both the bottom and the sides. The gore needs to tack as close as possible. I think once you have a handle on your shape, it gets much easier to pick bras that will fit. Clearly I’m a fan of Polish, but I’m happy I discovered Marcie can work for me despite it breaking all the recommendations in the world. Sometimes in a FOT bra you can size down if you’re FOB and find a good fit. I have such little upper tissue I could probably wear a 30E or 28F in bras with stretch lace on top like Envy & Jasmine. It’s sometimes a guessing game but it does get easier with experience! Band tightness is partly personal preference too. Yes it needs to be snug enough to be supportive, no it doesn’t need to be as tight as you can humanly get it. Smaller breasts can get away with looser bands because they don’t often need all the support a tighter band offers. At my size, I really need that support, but I still can pull the backs of my bands away from my back a bit. You don’t want to suffocate in your band, but you don’t want it to ride up either. Hang in there & feel free to ask any questions you have!

          1. You wrote this as I am setting up a blog& trying to figure out how to follow you lol! I’m similar volume to you. I get bad shoulder/back pain in too big a band. Yeah I’ve never actually tried on a band that felt “snug” or “tight” yet. You’re the one that pointed me to 26 bands and I’m grateful because I realized I was pretty off on my UB measurements because of how I’m shaped. I have gotten a bra that only rides a little, so I know I’m close to knowing what I need for band size. Thanks. You are so helpful and actually know your stuff in a way that teaches it to others quite well:-). I actually got excited because after seeing no chest that looked like mine I found brittany from thin and curvys earlier blog posts.

  2. What are the odds that we’d both review the same bra in the same discontinued colorway within a day of each other? 😀

    That’s perfect timing! I love seeing how the same bra looks on different bodies.

  3. Oh, I’ve just shared my review of my 28F Marcie, in a gorgeous summer colorway as well (magenta and orange) too! 😉

    Being a similar shape to you I also thought I’d never be able to fit a Marcie…but I decided to size down one cup and I can get away with it…the 28FF would probably gap like yours…especially when my breasts are in that time of the month they’re smaller! I’m gonna try the bluebell colorway soon and I’ll see if the 28FF quads less though!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

  4. Oooh I gotta read your a review! I’m pretty solidly a 28FF in everything these days, and yes the Marcie gaps a bit but don’t think I could get away with a 28F. It’s a slight shape mismatch but oh well!

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