So I altered my Ewa Michalak CH Cherry, and here’s how it turned out

I figured this post was somewhat timely, with the coming out of the lovely Petite Collegiate’s review of her Cherry and the completely unacceptable customer service she experienced from Ewa Michalak.

I mentioned in my previous review of this bra that I was unimpressed with the overall design and sizing.  It runs so large, seriously.  And for Ewa to claim it doesn’t is preposterous on her part.  Mine is not as oversized as Petite’s, but it is still noticeably larger than other bras in this cut and size.  The band was too stretchy, the straps far too wide set (don’t even get me started on Strapgate), and the finishing was sub-par.  The shoulder straps were thin, stretchy and painful, and the main selling point of this bra – the extra spaghetti/cage bra straps – were set far too high up to work for anyone but the very full on top or tall rooted shapes.  Despite all of this, I hung onto the bra because it is a CH and provides insane amounts of immediate projection for my pendulous shape, and I felt with a few tweaks it might be workable.  Rather than ship back to Poland and potentially open myself up to an argument with Ewa, which is likely a losing battle, I decided to give it a go on my sewing machine.


Here’s the new front view.  I completely replaced the shoulder straps with plush back straps for comfort, and I lowered the spaghetti straps so they worked better with my short root.  Here’s the original picture, pre alteration.  You can see now the straps more closely follow my upper root.  I also installed dark silver slip rings on the upper spaghetti strap connection so that the straps are optional and can be unhooked and tucked down into the bra cup.

From the side:


The lowered strap placement looks much more proportionate to my breast.  Comparison to the original.  I felt like the original placement was unnaturally high due to my extremely short roots.  You can also see where I moved the strap connection about 2cm closer together and tacked the corner down neatly into the bra.  Doing this shifted the gap in the cup more to the outside edge of the shoulder strap, and it’s obvious from this picture I still have a bubble of extra fabric in the upper sides of the cup.  It also changed the shape the bra gives from the original “projected way out to the front” to more of a lifted, closer to my chest shape.  I tightened the band by stitching black, non stretch bias tape along the inside elastic to prevent it from stretching to its original length, but I still need to close it on the 2nd to tightest hooks.  This alteration is easily removable with a seam ripper.


Here’s an angle shot, which is probably the best looking view in my opinion.  From this view, with my shoulders lifted back, the bra really looks like a technical fit.


Until we see the remaining gapping.  Comparison to original.  These pictures were taken a few weeks ago and I’ve lost another 5 pounds or so since, and I continue to lose what little upper fullness I had.  Many of my bras are becoming too tall in the cups, and the gapping is even more pronounced now than it was at this time.  I’ve come to the conclusion this bra is just too tall for my roots, and I become increasingly frustrated with it each day I stare at it in my closet.  I want to love it.  I really do.  It’s unique and I was happy to see the trendy strappy cage bra look available in something my size.  Unfortunately, this bra is just not my size or shape.  It’s too large for the tagged size, too tall, and too wide set.  Some of these fit issues could likely be ameliorated by sizing down to a 60FF, but quite frankly I can’t bring myself to directly support a company that is run so abrasively.  I no longer plan to place orders directly with Ewa Michalak.  This is somewhat of a bitter conclusion to make, as I have love/hate feelings towards the EM line in general, but in my size range the risk is too great. I do believe, for the mid-to-large range of sizes, Ewa is a masterful bra engineer and has a keen eye for details and designs that is unmatched by other companies.  I truly really appreciate her wide size range and what she’s doing for the fuller bust community especially.  Her work for the very large bust is currently unmatched in the market and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend those with difficult sizes, that really need super amounts of support and narrow wires, to check out Ewa’s FB line.  That said, I am in the very small band and medium cup volume of her size range, and I am in the target size range of some of her most hateful and shaming comments.  I can’t accept the way she has treated one of my dearest friends, and I fear it’ll continue to be a struggle for petite women to get the bras and service we deserve.  I plan to direct my future Ewa Michalak orders to other retailers who work in partnership with Ewa.  By doing this, I am also supporting small, female owned businesses and it makes me feel much better.

If you’re simply in love with Ewa Michalak bras, and they truly are your best fit, I absolutely support your decision to continue wearing them.  I do love her aesthetics and I know I will eventually try more Ewa bras.  I am looking forward to reviewing the S Colette soon – it’s a new cut for me and a fabulous summery floral pattern.  As far as other retailers that carry Ewa, I cannot recommend Jamie at Bra Obsessed in Canada and Aisha at Zathiya highly enough.  In my opinion, the slight markup is more than worth it in exchange for easy, friendly customer service and the availability of returns.

I hope this little alteration tutorial was informative at the least.  I feel like a downer today, but I knew this bra would need work.  I did the work, and I’m still unconvinced it’s really a good fit for me.  I’m disappointed, to say the least.

What do you think friends?  Thanks as always for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “So I altered my Ewa Michalak CH Cherry, and here’s how it turned out

  1. Sorely disappointing. The straps alone cause me to avoid this bra. Comexim provides sumptuous, supportive .75″ straps. Although I do appreciate the immediate projection in E.M.’s CHP/CH cuts, her reluctance to alter dimensions steers me directly to her “fully willing to customize” competitor, Anna at Comexim. Thank you for your honesty regarding this bra’s fit: I was eager to purchase it before reading your thorough analysis. Sigh.

  2. I did replace the straps with softer ones, and did move them in. I believe part of the gapping I have now is attriubted to weight loss, and part of it is cup height. I am going to list this bra, and you are more than welcome to try it if you want. Yes it was not anywhere near TTS to begin with, and that is absolutely Ewa’s fault. If you want mine, at least you know you won’t get snarky customer service from me! 😉 I agree, Anna and Comexim in general go well above and beyond what’s required of any decent company. They have my heart <3

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