Bra Review: Claudette Dessous, 28G

Happy weekend lovelies!  Today I’m reviewing another UK bra I’ve found an acceptable fit in.  I’m happy to add it to my unlined bra collection, as summer is approaching and my padded bras will just be too freaking hot for our 100+ degree days and high humidity.  Claudette Dessous is available in a rainbow of colors, and mine is Sandstone and Navy from SS2013.  I’ve been told Claudette changes the fit of this bra about every season.  While I’ve never tried another color to personally speak to this, it’s a bit discouraging because depending on which Dessous you get your hands on, you may or may not find it fits the same as previous Dessouses.  My particular Dessous is rather narrow in the cups and fairly projected at the wire, with a generously sized band that is too big for me.  I’ve read other reviews of Dessous that said it was wide and shallow and the band was far too tight.  So keep in mind as you read this, your mileage may vary….


From the front, we see a pretty good fit.  You can tell especially on my right side there is not *quite* enough room at the underwire as it is sitting a little below my IMF.  However, I don’t notice this space when I’m wearing it, so I don’t consider it a deal breaker.  The nude cups blend well with my skin and are very sheer.  The navy strap and band accents are a nice touch, although I would have preferred an all nude Dessous as my quest for an all nude unlined bra seems neverending.


The side view shows nice and narrow wires that follow my root well.  The cups are a bit tall for my short roots, but as this is a “full coverage” bra I kind of expected that.  There is minimal gapping at the strap connection on both sides.  The tall cups also allow my tissue to spread a little and produce a minimized effect.  Again, this is the look I go for in unlined bras – it makes these bras very useful for my summery shirts and scrubs.


Dessous is a simplistic yet stylish design and is one of my favorite bras aesthetically.  I like the grown up, minimal look a lot.  It’s sewn and finished well and looks like a second skin when worn.  If I knew I could get this kind of fit in a different Dessous, I’d go after the discounted ones on Claudette’s Encore sale page, as I like some of the fun bright colorways this bra was released in as well.  I’m particularly fond of the Yellow and Navy color and you can find Sandstone and Navy still available as well. 


I bought this bra secondhand, which may explain some of the band issues, but regardless – this band runs huge for its tagged size.  It stretches easily to 31″ which is, for lack of a kinder word, unacceptable for a 28″ band.  In this picture I have it closed on the tightest hooks and obviously have room to spare.  For a large 28 or a 30 band person, this would be fine.  But having a band be this oversized makes it difficult to be sure one is ordering the correct size, especially with all the Dessous fit variations that are running around out there.

I give major high fives to Claudette for the overall design of this bra.  It’s wildly popular in the well-fitted bust community, most likely for its grown up aesthetic.  Simply put, I love the way it looks.  I have altered the band since taking these pictures so it fits better.  I just wish the sizing and shape inconsistencies could be worked out, because I would order more if I was sure they’d fit like this one does!

What do you think?  Have you tried a Dessous or two and found sizing and shape differences?  Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Bra Review: Claudette Dessous, 28G

  1. Thanks for the review, glad the overall feedback was good.

    I would just like to offer a little insight in regards to the changes of fit. This should help you and any of your readers.
    The first season of Dessous- the launch collection Neon and black trims and the Sucre colors (pink trim on orange, black and leopard) were the first put into production. The band was a couple CM to large with the extreme stretch of the mesh.
    The following season which you reviewed, did have a CM removed from each side of the band, however it need for ther adjustments. We fit these bras in both Los Angeles and out of the U.K. Office but production was found still to be a bit to large in the band. I believe this was the first season we added 28 bands.
    In 2014 we changed factories, yet again, resulting in a small evolution in the production of Dessous. We improved out elastics and wires with this change. This season is the SS14 and would be the Hot Coral trimmed programs. Smaller band yet again, slight changes and minor adaptations as a result of the feedback over the seasons. The change in wires and second reduction in the band results in shift in neckline. Additional revisions needed.
    The production we delivered for SS15 reflect the final changes we made to Dessous. This is the program’s trimmed in Raspberry or cream. We believe the band is appropriately sized, the wires not as narrow and the neckline more of a plunging V like the original that we loved.
    There have been no further changes on Dessous since SS14.
    On the early colors, general feedback is to size down a band and up a cup, however it can be subjective as you know.
    We created Encore so people could find the older colors they search for as available and we sell them
    At dramatically reduced prices, knowing people want them, however they may need to play around a bit with sizes etc…Encore is primarily a means for us to sell past seasons goods at great prices direct to the consumer, and by and large we have received a great response from our fans!!

    Sorry for the lengthy response, hope it helps direct your shopping choices and explains a bit more the reasons behind the changes by season.
    Kind regards

    1. Awesome information Robin! Thank you for letting me know 🙂 I need the wires as narrow as I can get them and since my snug underbust is actually a bit smaller than 28″ I definitely need the band to stretch no longer than 28.”

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