Bra Review: Tutti Rouge Nichole, 30E

Tutti Rouge is a UK based brand that mostly produces wide and shallow bras, with the exception of Nichole.  Nichole is narrow and very deep and projected.  It runs very large, both in the band and the cup.  Readers who are familiar with my size may wonder why I’m reviewing a 30E!  Well when it arrived to me, it fit like a 32F, which is a distant sister size of my usual 28G-ish.

Tutti Rouge is known for their attention to style and detail, and Nichole is no exception.  Let’s check her out:


Aesthetically, there’s nothing I don’t love about Nichole.  I love the minty color, the underwire ribbon detail, and the little bows on the strap.  I love the multi-colored gore bow.  I love the delicate white lace accents.  And while I didn’t photograph the back of the bra, it has Tutti Rouge’s signature heart shaped strap sliders on the fully adjustable straps.  Perfectly cute!


From the side, you can see where it was absolutely necessary for me to alter the band, which stretched to a whopping 32″ and rode up my back on the tightest hooks.  I folded over excess band material and stitched it down.  The wires are nice and narrow and the bottoms of the cups are plenty roomy and stay nicely planted in my IMF.  The cut of the bra reminds me of the Cleo Lily, only with a slightly more natural shape.  This bra is definitely best for evenly full shapes with short roots.  The tops of the cups close in fairly quickly and there’s actually some wrinkling present at the apex.  It would appear I’ve found a bra slightly too projected overall for me, which is something I wasn’t sure existed!


I do love the lightweight, soft material.  It is thin but not sheer.  Nichole is definitely a stunner of a bra and I’d highly recommend it for shapes like mine, as long as you remember to size down both in the band and the cup.  Nichole is available at Tutti Rouge’s online store, and my general recommendation is to size down one band and one cup size.  Possibly two cup sizes if you are FOB.  I measured Nichole at 5.25″ wide and 10.25″ deep, making her the deepest unlined bra I’ve ever owned – beating all 30FF’s and 28G’s I’ve tried on.  Impressive, for a tagged size of 30E.

I wish Tutti Rouge would get their sizing inconsistencies worked out and offer more narrow and projected bras!  I feel this cute brand could really take over some of Cleo’s market by offering some sweet and fun yet slightly more grown up styles for those of us who aren’t always a fan of animal print and polka dots.

I am sad this isn’t a perfect fit on me.  What do you think?  Isn’t Nichole lovely?

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  1. Oh, too bad it didn’t work out because that shade looks incredibly stunning on your skin tone! I agree with you, Nichole is very deep, I own one in 28F and I get a slight wrinkling when my breast deflate after my period. I should wore it more often, though!

    kiss kiss
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