Bra Review: Ewa Michalak SM Summertime, 65FF

Happy Friday lovely readers!  Today I’m reviewing another SM style from Ewa Michalak.  It fits similarly to my SM Kusidelko, with a few notable differences.  Let’s jump right in with some pictures!


Look at how pretty and summery it is!  The name is very fitting.  Worth noting:  I got this bra secondhand and the ivory bows that are usually on the straps are missing.  I love the floral embroidery and the colors used.  I was hoping it would function as a nude unlined bra, something my wardrobe is still conspicuously lacking, however the embroidery and pastel colors show through my thin white tee shirts.  That was a bummer for me, but the bra is so lovely otherwise I’m willing to overlook that and still wear it under other clothing.


From the side, I get that nice SM shape – lifted, rounded, yet somewhat minimized.  This makes Summertime a great bra for under baggy, flowy shirts.  No boob-tent happening here!  The band also runs small for a 65/30 but is somewhat stretchier than Kusidelko, which I expected as it isn’t brand new, and I need to close it on the middle hooks.  Thankfully it’s not so big it needs altered immediately.  I measured the wires at 5.25″ (13.3cm) wide and the cups at 10.0″ (25.4cm) deep.



The biggest difference I find between Kusidelko and Summertime is the top of the cup edging.  Summertime doesn’t have the lace edge Kusi does, and is much more accommodating to full on top breast shapes.  This is something A Tale of Two Boobs pointed out to me after my review of the Kusi on Bratabase – I’d said the SM may not be great for FOT breasts, however she has some that fit her wonderfully.  I now realize all three of her SM bras don’t have the lace edge either, and that’s likely what makes them work well for her fuller-on-top shape.  So if you’re FOT and in the market for an Ewa SM, hop on over to read her reviews of the Malinka, Wrozka, and Burek!

That’s all for today!  Thank you for stopping by!  I have quite a bit coming up in my future reviews, including my first Polish bikini top (Comexim Pin Up Girl), my first long line bra (Comexim Joy), and 2 non-Polish bras I’ve found surprising fits in – Tutti Rouge Nichole and Claudette Dessous!  Both are lovely brands I haven’t featured on my blog yet. 🙂 Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Bra Review: Ewa Michalak SM Summertime, 65FF

  1. You’re lucky that the SM bras are fairly minimizing in your size! At 65GG they have a fairly projected silhouette, which actually does cause some boob tent. I do want to try 65G in the future to see if it may be a little more minimizing, like yours.

    Summertime is really pretty. I actually have the CHP version coming soon!

    Thanks for the linking!

  2. I have it too, and I absolutely adore it 😉 as for unlined Ewa bras for a nude look – when you need a professional look and summertime can’t do – I can recommend Cynamon.

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