Bra Review: Ewa Michalak SM Kusidelko, 65FF

Good morning!  The SM Kusidelko is a very sexy, unlined, nude and black illusion bra that I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time.  I was stalking a listing over at Bratabase for a couple of months, but couldn’t afford it and it finally sold from underneath my feet.  I was so sad.  Eventually I couldn’t help myself anymore and even though it’s a discontinued style, I asked Ewa if she could still make the bra for me in a 65FF.  They had enough fabric around and obliged, so I consider myself pretty lucky to have this baby.

SM is Ewa’s unlined balconette style.  It’s narrow but not quite as narrow as the CH/P styles, nicely projected at the wire, and beautifully styled throughout.  I love the sheer nude fabric with black wire channels and straps – if the nude is a good match for your skin, it gives the effect of black lines being drawn onto one’s skin.  It’s very sexy indeed!


Excuse my blurriness.  This wasn’t a fabulous day in the studio for me!  Anyways, you can see the black details that I love.  I love the bow, the lace edging, the black wire channels, the little buttons, and the split strap effect.  The strap is all one piece and not actually split in half, but I love the black edging on both sides.  This is a very simply designed yet beautiful bra.


Really, pardon my photos today.  The sunlight started just streaming in my fill light window once I got set up and I just had to deal.  As you can see, the wires are slightly wider in comparison to my padded bras but I don’t mind.  When I wear an unlined bra, it’s for one major reason – I don’t want the super rounded boob-tent look of my padded bras under a flowy shirt or my scrub tops.  Also, they’re much cooler in the summer and when it gets hot here, most of my summer shirts are thin, clingy, flowy, and prone to boob-tenting.  The wires being slightly wider actually provides a somewhat minimized look.  This is the main reason I’ve kept my Bardot around so long.  Kusidelko and Bardot are the only 2 unlined bras I own at this point, and I’m having a hard time deciding which one I like better.  I’d like to say Kusidelko is the best unlined bra I’ve ever tried,  but it’s really neck and neck with Bardot.  I love the lifted, somewhat rounded yet natural shape, but I also love Bardot’s super-round-yet-slightly-minimized shape.  Speaking of rounded, throughout the bra-fitting community much ado has been made about Cleo unlined bras and the Lily’s basketball shape.  I have owned 3 Lilys and initially was madly in love with them.  While I still have a place in my heart for that shape, I found over time that ultimately that’s not the look I’m going for 95% of the time I reach for an unlined bra.  I’ve strayed from Cleo in favor of the SM cut and the Bardot because they provide the best of both worlds – nothing about the shape is pointy, but it’s not in-your-face either.


SM in this cup volume fits me about like every other bra I’ve tried when it comes to my asymmetry.  Slight bubbling on the left, perfect on the right.  The band runs a full size small, stretching to 28″ which I’m super happy about since I’ve lost some weight recently and my snug underbust is 26-27″ at the moment, but something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a true to size 30/65 band.  I have short roots and these cups are not too tall for me.  I think this cut is best suited to FOB or even-with-short-root shapes, as I suspect the edges would cut in on very FOT shapes.

Since I love the SM cut so much but am not a fan of any of the current SM bras available on Ewa’s site, I’m planning on saving some money up and trying to get my hands on an SM Wanilla from the lovely Jamie at Bra Obsessed in Canada.  I’m also crossing my fingers and hoping Ewa releases an all-nude SM, as a good unlined nude bra that fits like the SM does is still something that eludes me and a piece I really want to have for my summer wardrobe.  I’m telling you, if Curvy Kate ever released a nude version of the Bardot I’d be ON THAT SO FAST.  It’s a little inconvenient that both of my unlined bras are black or have black straps, when I’m going to be transitioning to a lighter (color and weight!) wardrobe in a couple of months.  Maybe someone on CK’s design team will see this and get a hint 😉

That’s all for today readers!  I’m still working on my Cherry review and it’s also become a project in alterations, so I’ll likely post a before-and-after write up once I’m done making a Frankenbra out of it.

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  1. This is such a sexy bra! It looks great on you!

    I tend to pick unlined bras in colorful colors, as “fun-day” bras, and wear either my nude Elena or my black Ardour under tight light or dark, respectfully, clothes… However, Ardour is really starting to get in my nerves in terms of armpit chaffing…I think I might order a black Elena like you did, but as a plunge…let’s see!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

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