Bra Review: Comexim Luna, 60HH

As promised, today I am writing about the lovely Luna I was lucky enough to grab secondhand.  Comexim Luna is a long discontinued style, and looks exactly how its name implies.  Luna means “moon,” and this bra is very unique.  The moon print on the fabric is unlike any other bra I’ve ever seen!  It’s topped with an ivory lace trim and small, sweet bows.  It’s become one of my favorite bras, despite its less than perfect fit.


From the front, all looks well.  Just look at that amazing moon print!!  Ahhh, I love it.  Seriously.  I also love the ivory straps and lace trim, and the understated bows that don’t detract from the overall design.  I think big frilly bows would somehow be too feminine and competitive with the lunar theme of the bra.


From the side we can see the lovely narrow wires, and also see the moon print wraps around the band to the back clasps, which is fantastic – so many bras have boring bands!  I love this touch, it really makes the bra come together.  You can see how the wires are sitting maybe slightly below my IMF, but this is a common fit issue for me as my shape continues to change and I continue to struggle to find enough immediate projection in most bras.


Here is where Luna falters a little bit.  The cups seem taller than my other 60HH plunges, and I have some extra room at the top of them.  It’s hard to photograph well, but it actually gaps like this on both sides and all over the cup, not just at the strap.  Comexim’s older designs really struggled with cups that were too tall for most busts.  I think that has changed as their patterns have evolved over the years, but Luna is an older model and I suspect it just runs taller.  It’s possible I could have used reduced cups here, but since I couldn’t order this directly from Comexim and ask for alterations, I’m not going to throw a fit over it.  Luna is one of those bras I lusted after ever since I learned of its existence, and this minor issue isn’t a deal breaker for me.


Finally – the usual Comexim standards still apply here.  Narrow wires and a good snug band.  Luna is also ridiculously soft.  Like, softer than any other Comexim I’ve ever met.  It’s like wearing little pillows on my boobs!

What do you think?  Am I alone in my desire for more quirky, uniquely patterned bras?  I feel like the lingerie world is overflowing with lace, florals, and girly bows.  I would love to see more designs like Luna be released!  Stars!  Galaxies!  Planets!  Music notes!  Fire!  Don’t get me wrong, I love my girly lacy bras, but something to break up the monotony of my closet would be much appreciated.  That’s when I’m so happy to have Luna step in!

Coming soon – a review of my first Polish unlined bra, and a direct comparison between Ewa Michalak’s 3 part CH/P style and Comexim’s 3 part half cup style.  Stay tuned!

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