Bra Review: Comexim Elena half cup, 60HH

Well it’s about time I wrote another review!  Usually I am not absent for a month, but the holidays caught up with me.  Apologies to my lovely readers.  As for the bra: is there anything Comexim can’t do??  I think not.  Today’s gem is the Elena Half Cup, with a specific modification.  Typically Elena is made as a single seamed half cup pattern, which is clearly seen in the stock photos.  This cut doesn’t work well for my shape, so I asked the dear Anna if she could possibly make one in the 2 seam cut, so that the dimensions and fit would theoretically be identical to my Victoria.  Much to my gratitude, Comexim happily obliged.  I also asked for it to be black, since I still lacked a wardrobe stable black bra.


Ta-da!  Elena is indeed very close in measurements to Victoria.  I measured 5.25″ wide and 9.0″ deep, compared to Victoria’s 5.0″ wide and 8.5″ deep.  Since the cups are slightly wider, the extra depth is a non-factor:  since my roots love 5.0″ wide cups, and this is 0.25″ wider on each side, consider that extra 0.5″ of depth somewhat “wasted” to the outsides of my breasts.  This makes the actual fit on me nearly identical to Victoria.  Is that enough math for you today?


Moving on.  This is a profile shot of my bigger breast, showing slight bubbling.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record – this is how almost all bras fit on me.  It fits my smaller side perfectly.  Since I tend to pick bubbling over gapping (unless it’s bad enough to be visible under shirts), I don’t really consider this a fit issue.  The consistent Comexim standards apply – narrow wires, room for projection at the bottom of the cup, a nice snug true-to-size band, and solid construction.


The last thing I’d like to point out is my favorite aspect of Elena, and most Polish bras in general.  The attention to detail.  This could easily have been “just another black bra.”  Black is boring.  Black is basic.  It’s the bread to your jelly.  Black and nude bras are essentials to almost every wardrobe.  But the little lace trim, the pretty crystal gore charm, and the cute bows serve to make Elena special.  I will always appreciate the little touches that take a potentially basic bra to a wardrobe staple you still feel pretty in and love to wear 🙂

Stay tuned readers!  My next review will be of a rare sighting.  A diamond in the rough.  A needle in a haystack.  One of those “I can’t believe I found this and now actually have a real life one in my very own hands!!!” bras… Comexim Luna!

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