Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Groszki I Róże, 65F

Today’s review is another EM half cup.  The vertical seam pattern looks just like Comexim’s half cups and these narrow, projected 3 part half cups continue to work well for my shape.  I was super excited for the chance to get my hands on this set, as it’s gorgeous and been discontinued for quite some time.  This is the most unique bra I own to date.  I love the mint color and black and pink lace/flower accent, and I love that I was able to get the matching undies in my size.  Finally I have a matching set!  I’m not obsessive about matching, but I do try to wear mainly black bras with black underwear, and so on.  I try to match the dominant colors together, but in this bra’s case I had nothing close.  Minty blue/green is one of my favorite colors, even though it’s a cool tone and I have very warm skin.  Oh well!  On to the bra.


This bra fits me just like the 65F Stalowka I reviewed earlier.  It’s a low coverage, narrow, projected half cup that is a tiny bit too small on my left side and absolutely perfect on my right.  The general rule of thumb in the bra fitting world is to fit your larger side and pad your smaller side if needed, but this presents a couple of problems for me.  One – in either Ewa or Comexim, if I go up a cup size the wires are too wide.  Two – if I add any padding whatsoever to the bottom of these or any cups, the wires will not hold in my IMF.  I’m extremely projected, especially at the wire, and I need every cm of room I can get.  Almost all of my bras slide a little out of my IMF after a couple of hours.  So, I’m breaking the “rules” but I’d rather have a bit of bubbling or quadding on my larger side than try to deal with padding on my smaller.


The side profile reflects the bubbling I get with my problem child left breast, but I do not fall out of this bra.  I don’t know how these half cups manage to do it, because they’re so low coverage I run around expecting to pop out any time.  But I don’t!!  It’s a bra miracle 🙂


Look how perfectly righty fits in this bra 🙂 Something notable about Groszki I Róże – this is The Softest Bra Ever.  It’s made of unicorn hair and clouds.  It’s more flexible than some of the other half cups I’ve tried and the band and straps are silky smooth.  My picky skin appreciates this 100%.


The matching undies are made of the same super soft mint fabric and carry the lace and rose trim pattern to complete the set.  They’re a size 36, approximately a UK 8, and very stretchy.  They fit pretty well on my 36″ hips so I’d say they’re true to size.  I take my own photos and find full body shots kind of difficult to focus so you’ll have to excuse that this is a bit fuzzy.

In the end, I adore this set despite the minor fit issues.  I can see myself going to it for special occasions in particular.  What do you think, dear readers?  If your breasts are slightly asymmetrical like mine, do you find you prefer to fit the smaller one or the larger one?

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    1. And no, I got it on the FB group! Glad I’m not the only one who’d rather fit the smaller boob. If the quadding on my left side is noticeable through tee shirts that’s one thing and I’ll size up. But mine are close enough in size that I can usually get away with the amount of bubbling I get.

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