Bra Review: Ewa Michalak Mleczny Strapless, 65G

My neverending search for the perfect – nay, wearable – strapless has led me to the Mleczny by EM.  I bought this secondhand on r/braswap.  Here’s the rundown on strapless bras: by design, they need to be wide and shallow.  Why?  Well, 80% of your bra’s support indeed needs to come from the band.  But imagine taking a narrow, projected bra and removing the straps.  Unless those cups are made of steel, they aren’t going to stay up.  Narrow projected bras bring your breasts in from the sides and out in front of your body.  Without straps to hold the tops of the cups flush against your chest, your breasts would fall out of the tops regardless of how great the bra may fit.  Wide, shallow bras spread your tissue towards the side and up against your chest.  So even the major Polish designers, known for their narrow and projected cups, have yet to create a narrow, projected strapless bra.  Comexim hasn’t even attempted a strapless bra.  Ewa has a few convertible bras and at least 3 strapless bras – the Mleczny, Toffik, and Czarny.  They’re all molded (meaning a seamless, one piece cup heat-shaped during production) and to my knowledge, all are created from the same mold.  If you’re wide rooted and shallow, which is most common in the smaller end of size ranges (think C-DD, some Es), you should get along fairly well with whatever strapless bras your heart fancies.  I’m not, and I’m well aware of the innate fit issues a narrow projected bust encounters when trying to wear a wide shallow bra. Therefore my standards for a wearable strapless are much lower than a regular bra.

Mleczny is the white version, Toffik is nude, and Czarny is charcoal with black polka dots.  White is kind of a pain, because it shows through light, nude, and white shirts.  But no Toffik has been available in my size range in quite some time, and beggars can’t be choosers.  Let’s take a look at her.


As with most bras, the view from the front doesn’t look too bad.  I like the polka dot accents on the gore and band, and the cute bow.  I also really like the deep V neckline this bra creates.  It lends a bit of sex appeal and because the gore is so low, it doesn’t dig into my sternum or push my close-set breasts farther apart than they prefer to be.


The side view reveals the typical fit problems I always have in strapless bras.  The wires are hella wide – at least 0.5″ wider than my root – and the cups are very shallow at the wire.  It’s hard to see in a stiffly molded bra like Mleczny, but the wires are also sitting at least 0.5″ below my IMF.  What salvages Mleczny in comparison to other strapless bras I’ve tried is how stiff the cups are.  They’re basically boob armor, and I’m getting an impressive amount of lift.


This lift and stiffness is what holds Mleczny up and gives it an edge over previous strapless attempts.  During the course of the day, I have to tug the bra up and back into place a couple of times, but this was expected, and the amount of adjusting I have to do is less than other strapless bras I’ve tried.

It’s worth noting that those keeping track will notice this bra is 1 to 2 cup sizes larger than other Ewas I’ve tried.  When trying to put projected breasts into a shallow bra, it’s worth sizing up to get the depth you need in the cups.  It’s not really visible in pictures but I do have some gapping at the tops of the cups, but in a size smaller I’d be quadding all over the place.


Because of the amorlike feel of the cups and the fact they basically do not bend or move, if I vigorously scoop and swoop and push my breasts together I can create some crazy cleavage.  Sure, this leaves the wires an inch away from my side root, but this bra should come with a tag attached that reads “I’ll hold your boobs in whatever place you put them, because I’m bulletproof.  Go ahead, try me.”


I like the profile I get under shirts.  You can see the edge of the cup peeking out at my armpit, and in my opinion that is Mleczny’s biggest downfall.  Despite the low gore, these cups are tall.  If you are high set on your chest, they’ll be running into your armpits guaranteed.

To kind of sum things up, here’s a list of other strapless bras I’ve tried adn either returned or re-sold:  Freya Deco, Parfait Jeanie, Simon Perele Celeste, Cleo Neve, Cleo Koko, and Parfait Arabella.  Every single one of them was wide and shallow, with Celeste and Arabella being the biggest offenders and the Cleos a very close second.  Jeanie’s wires and band were so firm it was torture on my ribs. Deco was probably the second best.  But what all of these previous bras lack are cups-of-kevlar.  Mleczny is basically like wearing a plywood bra lined with cotton, and so for now it will remain in my bra drawer.  Unless I ever find a unicorn.

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        1. Hmm. Let me think about it, I am on a budget and only paid $20 shipped for Mleczny so I wouldn’t be able to sell it for enough to cover the cost of Toffi. I’ll let you know!

  1. Arrrg, the struggle with strapless bras is REAL for narrow girls, I feel ya! :/

    I understand it’s not easy to do them for projected and narrow shapes…but it’s so frustrating anyway 🙁 Baaah

    Next summer I’ll retry! I own a Pour Moi? that is doable but far from perfect, and I’ll have to fix it!

    kiss kiss
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