Bra Review: Comexim Victoria Half Cup, 60HH

Look at me go – I changed my background for the next few posts!  I’m winning in life right now.  Today’s review is a lovely new beige-and-navy-lace Comexim design, and mine is a half cup.  Victoria can also be made in a plunge, if you request when you order.

Originally I thought Victoria was supposed to be a single-seamed half cup, but mine arrived and is a 2 part cup cut identically to my Sonia.  I ordered Victoria one cup size smaller based on how wide and roomy the Sonia is on me.  This was a good decision.  Victoria is a win for me on every single level.  Let’s take a look, shall we?


There really aren’t words to describe her beauty – she speaks for herself.  I looooove the nude layer beneath the lace.  My summer tan is fading fast and the nude is just barely lighter than my skin tone.  On somebody a little paler than me, the nude would mostly disappear and give the illusion of blue lace on bare skin.  The bows are perfect and the eyelash lace is a gorgeous detail.  I also adore the depth of the navy hue.  Some navy can be flat and boring, but this navy is rich and satiny.


From the side profile, it’s easy to see why I love the fit of Victoria.  The wires follow my root perfectly, unlike the larger Sonia which was too wide.  They also sit nicely in my IMF.  I feel my breasts are slightly changing shape and becoming more pendulous than before (thank you, aging!) and some of the bras I could previously get away with are now slightly too shallow at the wire.  I’m so thankful Victoria has enough room in the bottom of the cup – this is something generally Comexim does very well and a big reason I keep returning to this brand.


There’s no visible quadding anywhere, although my left and larger side is close to bubbling and my right and smaller side has a small gap.  But these issues are minor – they’re nowhere near bad enough to justify a different size or even be noticeable in pictures or under clothing.  The band is also spot on – with my 60 band stretching to exactly 28.”  I have read other reviews where Victoria has ran a whole size small in the band, which was making me nervous and I sighed in relief when mine turned out true to size.

Victoria is another win for me from Comexim and she is also arguably the most beautiful bra I’ve laid eyes on.  She’s right up there with Poison Ivy on my top 5 list of favorite bras, ever.  The fact that Victoria fits so well is just a bonus!

What do you think?  Are you dying to try a Victoria now?

8 thoughts on “Bra Review: Comexim Victoria Half Cup, 60HH

  1. I laughed when I read the last sentence of your post, because it was TOTALLY what I was thinking!!! :O Oh no! You already made me order Sonia hehehe :p Victoria wouldn’t look half as bad in my collection too… That navy…and the cream lace would probably melt with my skin…

    Loved the new setting, it looks great 🙂 I was missing your reviews!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

  2. I agree with the comments on the navy parts! It’s a really, really gorgeous navy. In your photos, you can even see there’s a slight emerald sheen to it. Ugh I really love the Victoria!!!! I need to post a review of my own, too. It looks gorgeous in its half-cup form!

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