Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CH Onyks, 65F

Today I’m reviewing the 4th and final Ewa Michalak CH/CHP I’ve been able to try on so far.  That is, until my CHP Groszki I Róże gets here next week 😉

On display today is a 65F CH Onyks.  It’s a solid black bra with completely convertible straps, allowing it to be worn cross back and strapless.  I was excited to get my hands on this one because despite my massive bra collection, I do not own a single solid black bra!  Let’s take a look at her, shall we?


From the front – not too bad!  I like the button detail instead of bows.  It has the classic CH shape and cut.  Let’s look at the side view:


Now we’re starting to see a couple of issues.  Namely, the bubbling/quadding.  This is verging on full on quadding for me – it felt worse than the pictures suggest.  It appears the Onyks, and its white twin Lilia, are satin edge trimmed and more closed off than typical CH/CHP bras.  As mentioned in previous reviews, the main reason I can get away with a 65F in the CH/CHP cut is because it is very open on top.  Let’s look at the last shot:


It’s hard to see in photographs, but you can tell how my problem child lefty is trying to make a break for it towards the center of the bra.  Along with the closed-off cups, the band is very stretchy and generous for a 65 band.  I needed to close it on the tightest hooks right away.  One would think that simply sizing up to a 65FF would solve the quadding issues, and it would.  It would also render the cups too wide 🙁 Therein lies my problem with 99% of Ewa (and UK) bras – if the cups are big enough, the wires are too wide.  Fortunately, the Groszki I Róże is said to be very open on top, so I am still looking forward to receiving that set and reviewing it for all my lovely readers!

I ended up re-selling dear Onyx.  I’m disappointed, since I loved the aesthetics of it.  Alas, my hunt for the perfect solid black bra continues!


3 thoughts on “Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CH Onyks, 65F

  1. I can’t stand bras that are too wide lol, it drives me insane! I love the way Ardour looks but can’t fork over $79 for a less-than-perfect bra. My next stop on the all-black bra train is the Comexim Elena half cup in black. We’ll see how that turns out!

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