Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CH Biszkopty, 55GG (altered)

Today I’m changing brands!  I’ve discovered a new half cup style, and I really like it.  Ewa Michalak (EH-vah mee-HAHL-ack, in case you were wondering how to say it) is the other major player in the Polish bra scene.  I had never tried any EM bras due to the fact that in my size range, their cups tend to measure wider than I need.  But I got my hands on a couple of CH cut bras, and am pleasantly surprised.  The CH cut is Ewa’s narrowest, most projected padded half cup style.  It is discontinued so the bras I manage to acquire and will review on this blog are all secondhand.

The Biszkopty (don’t ask me how to pronounce that word) is a simple beige bra, with two vertical seams and a little bit of frilly trim along the edges of the cups.  Mine is a size 65FF (UK 30FF) that has an altered band from a previous owner.  Following the rule of sister sizes, the shortened band makes my bra actually measure like a 55GG (UK 26GG). Let’s take a look at her:


Simple, yet pretty.  The straps are fully adjustable.  The beige color works well on my skin.  True to the nature of the CH half cup style, the cups are quite low coverage and very open on top.  Note: I do need to wear an extender with this bra because the band is too tight to comfortably close around my 27.5″ ribcage.


You can see from the side view how narrow and immediately projected the cups are.  You can also see how wide set the straps are, even more so than my Sonia.  I have very broad shoulders, but I can see this being a problem for those who do not.  However, the Biszkopty’s straps are convertible in the back, so the option is there to wear it as a cross back bra.  I have very low set boobs, so in my case, the straps are not long enough to cross in the back.


The Biszkopty fabric is very soft and flexible.  This flexibility provides less lift than other bras I have tried, but the shape is still projected and rounded.  I’m going to review another Ewa CH bra next that is a cup size smaller than this bra, but actually provides more lift due to the stiffer fabric.


What isn’t showing very well in my pictures is the small gaps at the top of the cup I get, especially on my smaller side.  This is due to the cup being very open at the top and, despite how it may appear, probably slightly too big for me.  It’s not so big it’s unworkable though.  While I still consider Comexim my go-to brand, for now I’m really liking the shape (and cleavage 😉 I get from the Ewa CH style and excited to try a couple more.

A friend and fellow blogger, PetiteCollegiate, is also a big fan of the CH cut, and you can find more reviews of it on her blog!

4 thoughts on “Bra Review: Ewa Michalak CH Biszkopty, 55GG (altered)

  1. This looks good! Sizing down to avoid the slight gapping can be problematic in this size range, you can end up with insufficient coverage and leverage (so less support) and it doesn’t look as good under clothes. I think this is a decent size for you!

    1. Hi Wendy! Thanks! Funny, I’m reviewing a 65F next that actually provides MORE lift and seems to fit nearly identically in every other way. I couldn’t add it to bratabase because it belongs to the lovely jlc, who graciously let me borrow it to try on Ewa sizes 🙂 But I did take some pictures and will write a review about it and look forward to your opinions. You always give good advice 🙂 I think this bra would lift a little better if the straps weren’t so dang wide set. But I’m keeping it regardless.

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