Bra Review: Curvy Kate Jewel 28FF

Switching gears today to my latest unlined acquisition.  I’m a sucker for purple and have long thought this bra was very beautiful, but Curvy Kate and I don’t always get along, shapewise.  Their bras in the past have been quite wide and shallow.  But Jewel is a somewhat newer style for them, and after reading enough reviews and checking measurements on Bratabase I decided she might be worth a shot and Amazon had the last one in a size that may work for me.  So, what’s a girl to do?


Try it, of course!!  Ok, so I have my Bardot in a 30FF, and it’s so closed on top I know I couldn’t go any smaller in it, so by going down a cup size to a 28FF I knew I was taking a chance on a too small bra.  And a 28G may or may not have been better for me, but this colorway is discontinued and I’m not in love with the new scarlet red color.  This bra is pushing it, it’s just barely what I consider acceptable.


Check out the side view here.  Lefty is my problem child, as she’s bigger than Righty.  This pic shows the slight quadding I’m getting.  It kinda feels like if I could stretch that teal lace part just a bit, it would go away.  I’ll have to see how this bra wears after a few weeks and some washings.  I do like how the wires are short and the side wings are low coverage – this is the shortest wing height of any bra I own and it stays well out of my armpits.


Again, that left side cup (viewer’s right) is somewhat distorted from my bigger boob barely fitting in there, but dang my right side fits great haha!  But what I love most about Curvy Kate is all the detail that goes into their designs.  I know I covered this in my Bardot too.  But CK never fails to have intricate patterns, little charms and bows that finish off the look, and they always have a 3×3 fastener in my size range.  I hope that CK continues to tweak their fit for the larger cup size range and becomes a viable brand for me in the future because their aesthetics are usually right up my alley.

If you love Jewel you can still find it in various sizes floating around the interwebs.  Ebay has a 32FF left, and Amazon has a few sizes left in both the violet and scarlet colorways.

5 thoughts on “Bra Review: Curvy Kate Jewel 28FF

  1. That colorway is stunning on your skin, but I’m not sure how it would look in mine

    Never tried a CK bra before, gotta change that! What other styles would you wear, considering we’re projected and narrow? I don’t want another fiasco like the Tutti Rouge’s Liliana which was suuuuper wide and shallow! :O Thanks in advance!

    kiss kiss, Nádia
    My Fashion Insider

    1. Liliana is a disaster on me as well. Most of CK’s bras have always been wide and shallow. They’ve modified that a bit, and I would say Jewel, Bardot, and Madagascar are probably your best bets.

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