Bra Review: Cleo Lily 28FF, Parrot print

Today we’re going to take a brief look at one of my favorite bras to date, the parrot-printed colorway of Cleo’s Lily.  Much of what I previously wrote in my Aqua Lily 30FF review can be repeated here, so I won’t bore you with the same information.  But there’s a very important note I want to make here:  Lily was manufactured in 4 colorways – Aqua/Pink, Magenta/Orange, Parrot Print, and Swan Print.  The printed styles of Lily run bigger than the solid styles, by almost an entire cup volume.  I would say, from experience, Parrot and Swan run 3/4 cup bigger than my Aqua Lily.  I have Swan in a 30FF, and I will review it later and explain the alterations to the cup I had to make for it to be workable.  My Parrot print is a 28FF, a full cup size down from my Aqua 30FF, but fits quite well.  Let’s take a look at this cutie:


I like the parrot print more than I thought I would.  It’s unique, without being obnoxious.


As per usual for Cleo bras, the shape is fantastic.  Lifted and round.  But it’s the side profile I get from this Lily that I’m in looooove with.


Seriously, as my friend PetiteCollegiate put it, it’s a basketball beauty.  You can tell that my left breast is really close to wanting to jump out of the top or side of the cup, but it’s not enough so that I have to re-adjust all of the time.

The fit of this Parrot has left me to wonder if I should pursue a 28FF Swan print, rather than my current 30FF, but I did at one point own a 30F Swan print and I felt it was a bit small.  So if you find yourself lusting after a Lily (and who wouldn’t??), just keep in mind the fit notes I have mentioned here.  And as always, YMMV!  Since Lily has been long discontinued, she is tough to find sometimes, but eBay is your friend.  There are a few sizes left here, a 30FF here, more Aqua ones here, Magenta here, and my favorite Swan print here.   There’s also a few panties left!

7 thoughts on “Bra Review: Cleo Lily 28FF, Parrot print

  1. Ooh I love this on you! Cleo Lily just really loves you 🙂 Interesting to know that the printed ones run so much larger. This one does look like a really similar fit to what you got in the 30FF. I had heard that the fabric on this one is a bit stiffer than the others and that it’s a tiny bit larger in the upper section. Did you find that to be true?

  2. Thanks! I’m so fond of Lily 🙂 And yes I do! It is stiffer definitely, both the parrot print and the swan print in comparison to aqua. I’ve never tried the magenta.

  3. It looks really nice on you.

    How does the band feel? Is it a lot tighter than the 30FF?
    I’m just asking because I currently wear a 30F that is a bit loose. So maybe I could sister size down to a 28FF?

  4. Hi! The band is fine, but this is also a secondhand bra so I imagine it’s been worn at least a few times. A new one would probably be snug at first. My snug UB is right at 28″ & BTT is 27″ so sometimes I can do 28s & sometimes I need 30s. Eventually though most 30s stretch out too much to support my bust volume so I prefer a band to be snug at first.

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