Bra Review: Freya Phoebe, 28FF

Look at me go, 2 reviews in one day.  And it’s another Freya for you!  Now we’re looking at the Freya Phoebe.  I’m assuming it is an older style for Freya and I could find very little information on it.  But I was on the hunt for a nude unlined bra, it was on eBay, so I took a shot.  You can still find a few Phoebes left for yourself!


Not too bad!!  The color nude is a pretty close match to my skin, which I appreciate because most nude bras are too pale and pink-toned for me.  I went with my usual Freya unlined size of 28FF, and nothing about the cups cuts in or wrinkles.  The shape from the profile is nice and natural, and not pointy.


Here’s where this bra differs from the Freya offerings you’ll find today:  The band is tight.  This 28 band stretches to 27.5.”  So I’m assuming at one point in time, Freya manufactured bands that were true to size.  Also, while the wires are narrow, this bra lacks the amount of immediate projection that current Freya plunge balcony bras are known for.  You can see the small wrinkles in the bottom of the cups.


You can see what I mean even better in that shot.  Surprisingly, the wires stay in my IMF, and I have a couple theories about why.  Firstly, the snug band means this bra is going nowhere.  Secondly, the fabric is quite stiff with very little stretch or give.  So it takes my soft squishy tissue and forces it to stay put.

Also of note – the wires are very firm, unlike current Freya bendy-wires.  These wires are stiff like Panache.  The gore is wider than I’d like and I feel it has the potential to totally dig into my sternum after a long day, but as of yet I haven’t had any problems.

Despite the cups being relatively shallow, so far this bra is a keeper, since it stays where it belongs and I like the shape and aesthetics.  I would compare the amount of immediate projection to the Panache Andorra, only this fabric is much more supportive.  Since Phoebe is still fairly available and affordable on eBay, and also comes in black, I’d recommend this bra as a budget-friendly option for narrow and moderately projected shapes.

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