Bra Review: Freya Arabella, 28FF

So I’ve been a little obsessed with the aesthetics of this bra ever since I discovered its existence.  Most Freyas I have tried have given me a pointy shape and the “Freya pucker” at the top of the cup, where the bra seems to ask for some tissue I just don’t have.  But when I came across this beauty on Reddit’s Bra Swap sub, for a very reasonable price, I couldn’t help myself.  It is pre-owned and shows some signs of wear, but still in good shape overall.  Enough rambling, let’s take a look at her.


Just…. wow.  This is basically transparent black, and the front seams look a little wonky since I edited out my nipples for privacy.  Arabella is simply stunning, and sexy in a romantic, ballerina-esque way.  My typical unlined Freya size is 28FF, and this holds true for Arabella.  And in contrast to other Freyas I have tried, the shape is very naturally rounded and the top edging does not cut into me in any weird angles.


I really can’t stop staring at this beauty.  Arabella is true to other fairly recent Freya unlined bras in that the wires are very narrow and the bra offers plenty of immediate projection.  It’s a very good shape match for my bust.


As you can see, I don’t get any pointyness.  I really like this shape, it’s lifted and rounded in a more subtle way than Cleo’s unlined balconettes, so it’s good for those days you want a break from the basketball shape.  I find I can wear this bra under my flowy shirts and scrub tops without creating the dreaded boob-tent effect.

There are some downfalls to Arabella.  Some may find the lace edging itchy – mine is pre-owned and I still wanted to wash it with a tiny bit of fabric softener because it was mildly irritating.  And the band is typical Freya-long, and it’s exacerbated in this case because the bra is not brand new.  My UB measures 27.5-28″ and the band easily stretches to 29.5.”


As you can see, it’s clasped on the tightest hooks.  Typically one wants the bra to fit snugly on the loosest hooks, to allow for the band to stretch with wear.  But because I’m so in love with the bra as a whole, I will overlook this and consider an alteration in the future, should the band stretch further and be unwearable.

Arabella is discontinued, but during production it was also made in a black and hot pink colorway and a sheer nude with blue trim.  I would possibly gnaw a limb off to get my hands on a nude one, so if somebody happens to stumble across a 28FF nude Arabella, please let me know!!

6 thoughts on “Bra Review: Freya Arabella, 28FF

    1. Ooh pretty 🙂 But $15 shipping to the US for a 3oz package? No thanks. Plus, I’m getting more and more projected and my Arabella is becoming too shallow at the wire 🙁

  1. Ugh that stinks. Hopefully you can find the next best thing that fits you just as well and gives you a similar great shape.

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