Bra Review: Comexim Coco half cup 60HH

I’m back today with another Comexim!  Surprised??  You shouldn’t be.  Today’s lovely lady came via a secondhand purchase from my dear friend over at Brog with a Dog, and her name is Coco.

The bra, not my friend.

It was supposed to have alterations, but now we aren’t sure it if that request translated properly.  I don’t think it would fit me if it had the alterations that were ordered – straps moved in, reduced cups, etc.  60HH is my Comexim plunge size, and the half cup cut is said to be a little shallower and therefore fit a bit smaller.  But this bra isn’t a bad fit on me!  The wires are nice and narrow and the cup barely fits.  After scooping & swooping, I have to kinda “reverse scoop” my bigger left side back into the cup. After that, the gore tacks nicely, and oddly enough it gives a very minimizing appearance.

Hmm, my girls seem to have gone into hiding here…

You can see where the tops of my boobies are wanting to quad out of the cup.  I’ve never met a narrow-wired bra of any kind that gave a minimizing appearance, and I actually like it in this case.  I wear scrubs to lab and work, and the Coco works fabulously to prevent the dreaded “boob tent”  look under baggy shirts.  I wonder if I had this bra half a size up, if it would be just as minimizing.


Aesthetically, Coco is kind of a cross between cute and grown up.  The lace pattern is unique and grown up, but the bright pink bows are cute.  Coco does have a 3×3 fastener, which is an alteration and not standard until sizes 60J and larger.  So we know at least that alteration translated!  I prefer 3×3 fasteners for added stability. Coco reflects the typical Comexim good quality, narrow wires, allowance for projection, and attention to detail I’ve come to expect and rely on.  One more look at her before I call this a review.


Thanks for reading!

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