Bra Review: Curvy Kate Bardot 30FF

Hello loyal readers!  I’ve been seriously slacking this past week – to say classwork is dominating my time is an understatement!  So I’m going to try to make up for it today and do 2 reviews.

First up is the stunning offering from Curvy Kate’s SS2015 (I think) line named Bardot.  She’s a gorgeous sheer black and purple number and for AW2015 is coming out in black and red.  Bardot is simply sexy, no other way to put it.  Bardot was a huge hit for Curvy Kate and can still be found on Figleaves in both the violet and cranberry colorways.


Please note – the bra is see through, I’ve only edited out my nipples for the sake of trying to prevent total creepers from stalking my brog.

Bardot is the longest standing member in my current bra wardrobe, which has been basically a revolving door this year as I’ve nailed down my size and shape, so that’s saying a lot.  The back is a 3 x 3 fastener – and I love Curvy Kate for consistently offering that in my size range, because believe it or not it’s not common and I feel I benefit from the added support it offers.  Curvy Kate also always nails the little finishing details that make a bra unique. The bows, oh the perfect lilac bows!  The purple trim that runs all the way around the back! The black satin contrast on the gore and band! Yes please!


Curvy Kate has long been known for making FOT-friendly bras that are relatively wide-wired and shallow, even in the larger sizes, with stretchy bands.  At the beginning of the year, it was rumored CK changed their fit for the better for us larger end ladies – and I’d have to agree.  I’d say the band runs tight for CK, it only stretches to 29″ and is wearable on the loosest hooks for me, fastenable on the middle hooks. I was worried about this since the bra was not offered online in my usual 28G.  The wires are narrower than in the past and this bra offers plenty of immediate projection.


As you can see, the top of the cup is fairly closed off, almost too much so for my even fullness boobs.  It works for me because I’m very short-rooted.  So if you’re FOT or tall rooted, this is not the CK bra for you. It cuts in just a bit on my bigger side while simultaneously wrinkling on my smaller side. It’s not a perfect fit, but these minor issues are unnoticeable under a loose tee shirt, and I wouldn’t wear this bra under a tight tee shirt due to the lace and seams.


I’m impressed by the amount of lift and overall roundness I get from Bardot.  It provides a lovely rounded shape in a bit more natural way than Cleo’s ultra-round and out-there apple boobs.  I also love the very narrow center gore – no sitting on my close set breast tissue here.

Bardot will be a fantastic bra for many.  It is just screaming for narrow to average width, projected, very FOB or short rooted shapes. I highly recommend it.

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