Bra Review: Lulu Tout Fleur Rose 30FF

Sunday Funday!  Or that’s what they say, at least.  Today I am preparing for my nursing classes to start tomorrow, and trying to soak up some peace before life becomes crazy-go-nuts.  So pay attention all you super narrow and projected ladies!  This may be a bra for you.


IT’S PURPLE!!! I finally have a purple bra!!!! My favorite color. Lulu Tout is a Figleaves house brand, and judging from the lack of reviews or attention I see it get – it seems to be a brand that is overlooked.  I would tell anyone who is narrow rooted, projected, and wants grown-up options other than Cleo’s neon colors to check them out.

First off – keep in mind Lulu Tout bands run tight!! Order up a band size, and they start at 30 bands.  This 30 band barely stretches to 28″ – so this is a viable option for even sub-28 ribcages, as the middle and inner hooks are even tighter.  A fit note worth mentioning – these cups are rounded and do close off at the top.  If you have tall roots, this may be an issue if you’re not very full-on-bottom.  I have fairly even fullness, but I have quite short roots too, so this bra’s shape works nicely for me.


I love the aesthetics here. The sheer cups, the cutout gore detail, the rose lace overlay. The lace overlay is not attached to the sheer inner layer for whatever reason, and has a tendency to stick out. Since I took these pictures, I have tacked it down with a couple strategically placed stitches. The material is soft and not scratchy on my finicky skin.

The straps are NOT fully adjustable, and it seems like the adjustable part is shorter on these straps than other semi-adjustable straps I’ve met. This is fine for me, since my boobs are low set (pretty much attached to my belly button) and I almost always lengthen straps about as far as they can go, but if you have high set boobies and always find straps to be too long – skip this one or be prepared to alter the straps.


The wires are fabulously narrow – I measured 4.9″ – and the cups are deep. They are a 3 part cup with a vertical seam up the middle and a diagonal seam at the top. The gore is low, but the closed cups contain all my inner fullness that normally spills out of low plunges. The lift is wonderful and the shape is nice and round, once you get over or fix the stick-out lace. I plan on wearing this more during the cooler months when I layer clothes, because even with the lace tacked down, the pattern tends to show through thin garmets.  However, I’m so happy I found this one on clearance and gave it a shot.


This beauty is available on Figleaves in a blue/nude colorway for $40 USD.  At the time I purchased, the purple was a clearanced color for only $20, and currently only a 30E is left.

2 thoughts on “Bra Review: Lulu Tout Fleur Rose 30FF

  1. I’m really liking the aesthetics of the lulu tout bras, especially this one and the amelie. Do you know if all the unpadded ones run similarly narrow?

    1. From my limited experience so far with Lulu Tout and Just Peachy – both of which are Figleaves house brands – I’m thinking they are all snug in the band and narrow wired 🙂 The Lulu Tout is definitely a round cup like Cleo Lily – great for FOB or short roots but probably not so good for FOT/tall root shape. Hope that helps!

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