Bra Review: Kinga Music I 65G

Good morning lovely readers!  Today I am reviewing a bra I’ve been super excited about.  Drumroll…. it’s a music note bra!!!  Oooh, I made a pun there without intending to.  This lovely bra is manufactured by Kinga, a Polish bra company that can be found on for a very reasonable price.  This is my third attempt at Kinga’s music bras.  I first tried the Music II style, a semi padded 3 part cup with stretch lace at the top, in 2 different sizes, mostly because I thought the pattern was a little prettier than this one.  However, stretch lace and I do not get along – I lack the upper fullness required to fill it out even in my correct Kinga size.  A note about Kinga’s sizing:  They use Euro sizing, but I find they run quite big in the cup.  Today’s bra is a 65G, which should be equivalent to a UK 30F, but I am a UK 30FF/28G, and this cup volume is correct.  So, should you plan to try this bra, size down in the cup.  From what I can tell, Kinga’s size range is D-H, so UK D – FF – but when you account for the cups running big, more like UK DD-GG/H.

Moving along – let’s take a look at this unique bra:


Just look at her in all her unique glory.  There’s a cute gore detail, and the semi-adjustable straps are decorated with a black ribbon and bow.  The black mesh is overlayed onto the white base color and all of the stitching appears clean and even.


Some fit notes:  The band is TTS for a 30 band, stretching to 30.”  I have a 28″ ribcage and this band rides up even on its tightest hook.  Look at the extra band here:


Being a Polish bra, I expected narrow wires and immediate projection.  The semi-padded Music II bra is definitely a projected bra.  This all-padded Music I bra is slightly shallower.  It’s really borderline for me.  The wires are average width at 5.5.”  After I took proper bra measurements I bent the wires to 5.1″ – these wires are flexible, keeping in line with other Polish bras like Comexim.

This all padded style is coded by Kinga as PU and marketed on the website as padded/push up.  It comes with removable “cookies” to correct asymmetry or add some extra oomph – fans of Ewa Michalak bras will appreciate this!  Overall, I would say Kinga is more similar to EM than Comexim in the structure of their bras.  Unfortunately I need the super-narrow wires of Comexim.  But guess what!  The straps are removable and repositionable to make a cross back bra!  Very cool.

One more shot of this lovely lady:


So, let’s recap.  While there are no major, glaring fit issues – this is a bra that will need a little work to be wearable for me.  I have already narrowed the wires, and will definitely need to take the band in shorter.  It’s slightly too shallow, and will probably require some minor re-adjusting throughout the day.  I’m hoping having a tighter band will hold the wires more firmly in my IMF, because I would not call this bra shallow in the UK sense of the word – but it is shallower than Comexim plunges.  Since finding well-fitting bras, I’ve become extremely picky and if it were any other bra, I’d return or sell it.  I probably won’t be in a big hurry to chase down other Kinga bras.  But now is the time to mention I am also a pianist and grew up with music in my blood, so I HAD to have this bra.  I’ve never seen its equal!  So I’m inclined to not give a damn about these little issues, because this bra speaks to me.  I’ll do whatever work to it I need to do.

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