Bra review: Comexim Irish Coffee 60K reduced

Back to my beloved Comexim today.  The Irish Coffee plunge is a beautiful rich brown base overlayed by a soft ivory lace that feels more like crochet than lace.  The peach bows are the perfect accent to set everything off.  Let’s take a look at her, shall we?


Once again, Comexim wins my heart with their narrow wires and projected cups:


Irish Coffee is a slightly different shape than most Comexim plunges.  The tops of her cups are trimmed with a ribbon, and that causes the cups to be more closed off.  I’ve also heard Irish Coffee runs a bit small.  This bra is a 60K with reduced cups, a lowered gore, and the straps moved in 2cm.  It was a secondhand buy, and considering it’s the equivalent to a 28H, I’m a little surprised it fits as well as it does.  I would tend to agree that it runs small, as it is 2 full cup sizes larger than my Poison Ivy.

At any rate, Irish Coffee gives amazing lift and a lovely, round shape:


However, the cups do close in quickly, and if we look at another angle, you can see where I’m threatening to quad out of it a bit:


But at the same time, there is empty cup space at the top of the cups where they meet the straps:


I think this is the best fit I’ll find in Irish Coffee.  Due to my almost-quad and the shape of the cups, I really don’t think I could go down a size.  Some day I would love a Comexim Brigitte, which has a similar ribbon trim edge to the cups, and I’ll likely be emailing Anna and asking her opinion about sizing and how the patterns compare, and using these images as examples.

What do you think of Irish Coffee?  Isn’t she classy?

6 thoughts on “Bra review: Comexim Irish Coffee 60K reduced

    1. It is so pretty!! You might ask Anna on this one, I plan on asking Anna about the Brigitte (once I can afford it haha). I do think IC runs a bit small, but this one is so altered, too. I think the cup reduction + gore reduction + moved in straps makes the whole thing fit exceptionally small for a 60K. I have no idea how a standard 60HH would fit on me, I kept this one because it’s good enough. If I were to order one brand new, I’d leave the gore alone – I need higher gores to contain all my inner fullness and I think that’s why I threaten to quad out of this one. Leaving the gore alone would increase cup depth and I can guarantee you I wouldn’t need a 60K. Maybe a 60J… maybe.

      1. I had thought that getting all of the reductions made the bras fit smaller, but the 55Js I just got were definitely bigger in the cup than the 60HHs I got from Kerniss. Comexim sizing is definitely a little funny. For me the gore reduction is optional and the bras fit either way, but I wear a lot of v-necks so it’s nice to have. I think I’m going to go with 55HH the next time I order. Not sure what I’ll do with alterations because I have such short roots and such a small frame that I think I’m probably going to need the straps moved in and the cups lowered.

  1. You do have a tiny frame, I imagine the alterations are your friend. Me – I’m not a big girl but I have a big frame for my body if that makes sense. My boobs are super low set so I’ve never had a problem with any bra showing in V neck shirts. I have a 13″ frame width so I don’t care if the straps are moved in or not. Overall I’m on the smaller side, but everyone always underestimates my size – not just bra size but overall size and weight. I’m deceptive like that ha ha.

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