Hello fellow bra-lovers!

Welcome to The Photog’s Brog (Bra + Blog).  This is the place to read reviews of all sorts of bras – most probably made by manufacturers you may have never heard of!  I’m a devoted to wearing the proper bra size and helping others get well-fitted.  Since learning about how bras are supposed to fit, I’ve successfully “bravangelized” a friend from a 34C to a 30DD, my cousin from a 34A to a 32C/D, and my mom from a 38C to a 34FF/36F!  I personally went from wearing 32DD/DDD to 28G/30FF, with a few stops along the way during the trial and error process.  I’ve noticed a lot of women are really defensive/skeptical when it comes to proper bra fitting, and in a way I find that quite sad.  I believe the modern society has sexualized breasts and a lot of women have become self conscious of them, regardless of their size.  We’re all taught that D+ cups are huge, and larger boobs must be fake!  How untrue that is.  Remember ladies, breasts were created to feed babies, not please men.  Whether you’re a B cup or a G cup or beyond, be proud of your breasts and do yourself the favor of properly fitting yourself.  A lot of back and breast pain can be relieved by a well-fitting, supportive bra.  And so many companies now are making bras in all sizes and all colors and patterns, so gone are the days you’re stuck wearing black, beige, or white!  Browse around my blog, read my reviews, check out my links, and enjoy!  Thank you for stopping by!

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