Bra Review: Comexim Poison Ivy plunge 60HH

I’m going to kick my reviews off today with quite possibly my favorite bra ever.  For those of you who don’t know, Comexim is a Polish bra manufacturer known for beautiful, unique patterns, narrow wires, and room for immediate projection – which many of us bustier ladies need and many UK bra companies do not provide, at least in padded bra options.  Comexim hand-makes every bra to order and is happy to do any sort of alteration you desire, including reduced cups, lowered or raised gores, more fastening hooks in the back, narrower set straps, and so on.  Comexim uses Euro sizing, so their bands are marked in centimeters and their cups are labeled a little differently.  I’m lucky in that I can wear a standard 60HH, without needing to ask for any alterations.

Poison Ivy is a shiny pale beige padded bra with a stunning hunter green lace overlay on the cups.  Look at this beauty:


Seriously…. really look at her:


When I first laid eyes on Poison Ivy, I knew I had to have her.  It took me three attempts to nail the correct size.  Since I was unsure of my Comexim size, I first tried a secondhand 60HH with reduced cups.  It was much too small, so I tried a standard 60J for the second attempt.  It was much too large.  So I emailed Anna, the owner of Comexim, and asked for her advice.  Isn’t that wonderful???  She suggested I try a standard 60HH, and I finally found the Poison Ivy I can keep.

I feel like a sexy woodland fairy wearing this bra. The band is TTS – stretches to 28″ exactly. Cups are narrow at 5″ and allow for immediate projection.  Take a look at the side view and notice how the wires on the side perfectly line up along my root.


I feel like I need to note one caveat here – Poison Ivy feels a bit shallow by the gore. On me, the gore soft tacks, and really wants to float at the top.

I think Poison Ivy is a slightly different bird for Comexim. It gives me a hint of actual cleavage, and acts like it wants to be a push up bra. It’s definitely the bra to wear if I want to go out and put the girls on display. Everything is up front, together, and says “hello boobies!!”  Since I don’t do a lot of taking the girls out on the town to play these days, there’s some shirts I cannot wear this bra with. But this bra has been The One I’ve Chased Forever, and I’m so glad I have it in my closet now. It’s so uniquely gorgeous and I just cannot get over that hunter green.

One more shot:


Sigh.  She’s so lovely!

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